Hear No Evil

Bible Game, Listen to God's Voice 

Impact: It is very important to be aware that God is constantly speaking to us and wants to guide us. It is also very important to know that Satan is vying for our attention. This game reinforces the need for Christians to strive to hear Godís voice. However, we can only recognize Gods voice by knowing his WORD! 

"My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me." John 10:27 

Set Up
1 Bucket or Box large enough to hold a ball (The Target),1 Ball,1 Blindfold, 4 Players to Start, 4 Index Cards with individual instructions from below (to be read or informed silently before playing). If equipment is available, game can be played at multiple stations with more than four players at a time.

On the index cards write:
Player 1: God Ė As God you need to stand in a location that is near the basket (target). Remain calm and collected through the game. Your object is to calmly give instructions to The Christian on how to get the ball in the basket. Donít harass The Christian. Always speak calmly yet persistently.

Player 2: Satan Ė As Satan your object is to tell The Christian what to do. You DONíT want The Christian to hit the Target. You are a very high-pressure player. Run in circles frantically around The Christian. Be very persuasive about him/her following YOUR set of instructions. You DONíT want The Christian to get even NEAR the target.

Player 3: The Christian Ė As The Christian your job is to listen and follow instructions that are being given. Youíll have to make choices to hit the target! Put on your blind fold.

Player 4: The Holy Spirit Ė As The Holy Spirit you need to stand right next to The Christian and always have your hand on his/her shoulder. You need to find out before the game starts who is playing the role of God. When The Christian follows Gods instructions, move him/her one step closer to the basket. When The Christian follows Satanís instructions, give him a good pinch in the side. SAY NOTHINGÖYOUíRE A SILENT PLAYER.

How To Play
The Christian takes mark at a starting point. The bucket (target) is placed 15-20ft. away (the further the better). He/she is given a ball which will represent his/her faith. "God" stands afar and speaks in a calm and collected voice. Meanwhile, "Satan" stands close by and speaks very urgently and persuasively to the "Christian". The "Holy Spirit" stands near to the "Christian" and always has a hand on the "Christian's" shoulder.

The Christian's goal is to get the ball in the basket. Satanís goal is to persuade the Christian that his instructions for making the basket are good. God and Satan are simultaneously giving the Christian instructions. Every time The Christian follows Satan, the Holy Spirit should gently pinch the Christian. When the Christian follows God the Holy Spirit should move the Christian one step closer to the target until the connection is made of which voice to listen to. The game is won when the Christian makes the ball in the basket. The teacher or helper should retrieve the ball and give it back to the Christian after each toss.

Hints Before Playing
1) Don't allow the Christian to see the bucket (target) location before he/she is blindfolded. The more space you have the better. 

2) Tell "Satan" to move around the Christian, be very persuasive, speak into the Christian's ear, tell the Christian not to listen to the other voice.

3) Only the players that represent the Holy Spirit, God, and Satan should know who the other characters are, NOT THE CHRISTIAN!

Copyright 2006 C. Murray

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