Jesus Is . . . 

Bible Game for Children

AIM to be the first to turn over all your Verse Cards.


NEED card which is blank on both sides, pen, ruler, scissors, colors, coin, rubber bands, box or bag.

ILLUSTRATIONS: please e-mail me for these if you wish -


1. To make Circle Cards, cut 14 cards size 6 cm square. Write START on one, then the following instructions on the other 13, one instruction to a card -

Make 2 of these instructions - Turn over 2, Turn over 3, Turn over 4, Turn over 5.
Make 5 of this instruction - Turn over any card

Form cards into a Pack and use 2 rubber bands to secure.

2. To make Pick-Up-Pack, cut 19 cards size 8 x 5 cm and write instructions on cards as
follows -

Make 2 of these instructions - Move token 1 space, Move token 2 spaces, Move token 3 spaces,
Move token 4 spaces, Turn over No. 2 card, Turn over No. 3 card, Turn over No. 4 card, Turn over
No. 5 card, Turn over any card.

Write Miss This Turn on 1 card. Form cards into a Pack and use 2 rubber bands to secure.

3. To make Playing Tokens, draw around a coin on card four times then choose four colors and
decorate circles using one color for each.

4. To make 4 sets of 5 Verse Cards (one set for each player), cut 20 cards size 8 x 4 cm and
write the Bible references on four of the cards. Use a different color for the words of each set.
Spread out the Bible verse words on the other 4 cards for each set of Verse Cards -

John 1 : 36 Jesus is the Lamb of God
John 1 : 41 Jesus is the Messiah, the Christ
John 1 : 49 Jesus is the Son of God
John 3 : 13 Jesus is the Son of Man

Write the numbers from 2 to 5 on the backs of these cards, one number to each card - for
example, "Jesus is" will have no. 2 on the back of that card.

Keeping each set of 5 cards separate, form the cards into 4 packs and secure using rubber bands.

5. Label a box or bag and type out Playing Instructions then place these along with all the other
game items as above in the container, and label "Jesus Is" in John's Gospel Game.


1. Shuffle Circle Cards and place face up in circle on playing area.

2. Shuffle Pick-Up-Pack cards and place face down as a Pack in center of circle.

3. Give each player the choice of a set of Verse Cards. Players place the Bible Reference Card face up at their left in front of them, then the other four cards - number side up - in a line beside that.

4. Give players a colored playing token each to match their chosen set of cards. Players place these tokens on the START card.

5. Players have turns to lift the top card from the Pick-Up-Pack then follow instructions on
that, moving Playing Token in either direction around card circle.

6. Player places card showing instruction at bottom of Pack, and turn is over.

7. Remove START card when all tokens have left it.

8. The first player to turn over all the Verse Cards in his or set of cards wins, and the game is

9. Players turn over all their Verse Cards and have turns to read their verses.

Copyright 2005 Heather Mackie

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