Bible Books Race 

For team play—unlimited players

Bible Card Game

There are three official ways to play Bible Stack-O!, but here's another great way to play: 

What You Need: A deck of Bible Stack-O! cards for each team.

How To Play: Divide players into two or three teams. Starting with the cards in sequential order, divide the deck. If playing with two teams, deal 33 cards per team. If playing with three teams, deal 22 cards per team. Now shuffle the cards for each team. At the go, teams assemble their stack of cards into sequential order. When the cards are in order players must yell out the Bible book names in sequential order.

How To Win: The first team to lay their cards out in a row and in the proper sequence, and then shout them out wins.

Alternate play: have teams race in relay style to retrieve their stack of cards. Once their cards are retrieved, players proceed as before.

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