God's Library

Bible Book Scramble

What To Do
Make a banner size wall hanging and paint a book shelf on it with several shelves. (We named ours, God's Library.) Have the children cut felt squares into 2-3" strips. We used all different colors. These are for the spines of the books. Next, using acrylic dimensional paint, write the names of the Bible books on the spines. After they are dry attach small pieces of sticky backed Velcro to each "book." (Use the scratchier side of the Velcro on the back of the "book" because it will stick to the felt banner.) 

How To Play
Now for the fun part! Before the kids arrive to class move the books around on the shelves. Children must figure out which are moved out of position and place them back into the proper order. Or, take them all off and time the kids to see how fast they can put them back in the correct position! 

My plan is to have the children memorize the books. When they have committed them to memory they'll recite them to the congregation, and we'll present the banner to the church as their gift to be displayed in the sanctuary. Have fun!

Copyright 2001 Tabetha Butler

Bible Stack-O! is an exciting Bible game for kids and families! It's a fun way to learn the Bible!

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