The Bug Batter Game

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Bible Point
"Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it" 1 Corinthians 12:27. Teams work together to decorate their bug balloons, then race to bring their "bugs" home.

Before the Game
Divide the players into four teams. Give each player a colored, inflated* balloon. Red balloons for the ladybug team, blue balloons for the dragonfly team, orange balloons for the butterfly team, and yellow balloons for the bee team. Using black permanent markers, have the players work together to decorate their balloons to represent their bug team. 

*Save your breath, use a balloon pump to blow up your balloons. You may want to inflate more than one balloon per player, since some of the balloons may pop during play.

Set up
Designate a large square playing area. Mark it off using cones or flags. Place the bug balloons into a large box, or boxes, at the center of the playing area. Have each of the bug teams line up at each of the four corners of the playing area: "home base." 

How to play
Tell the players their goal is to work together as a team to bring their bugs home. At the go, have the first player from each team run to the box, grab one of their team's bugs, (it does not have to be one they personally decorated) then bat the bug balloon into the air using their hands to make it "fly" home. (Players may not hold onto the balloon. It must stay in the air and only touch the player's hands for a split second while batting it towards home base.) When the players return to home base, they tag off to the next player in line, go to the end of their line, and hold their bug. Play continues like this until all the player's bugs are back home. 

How to win
The first team to have all their players at home base with all their bugs wins! 

There are two options to end the game: 
1) Have more than one balloon for each player so that if one pops, the players may return to the box to get another.  
2) Allow only one balloon per player and the team with the most balloons at the finish wins. If there is a tie with the number of balloons, then the team that returned first with the most balloons is the winning team.)

After the game discussion
Our teams worked together to accomplish our goal: to bring our bugs home. As Christ's followers, we too are part of a large team. God calls this team, the body of Christ. As such, each member of Christ's body has a different job to do; no one is more important than anyone else. But there is one important goal: to show people God's love, so they can be brought home to Heaven. How can we do this? (Allow for discussion. i.e. showing kindness to others, telling unbelievers about Jesus, helping people in distress, giving of our time and talent to help others, etc.) When we demonstrate God's love to unbelievers, we can help bring them home to God. And, when we demonstrate God's love to believers, we encourage them to continue in their journey towards home.

How can we know for sure that we are part of God's team, part of the body of Christ? The Bible says that we must confess that we are sinners, (that means to admit that you are not perfect and do wrong things), believe that Jesus died for your sins, and ask Jesus to be your Savior and Forever Friend. When we do this, Jesus has promised to make us part of his body and bring us home to Heaven when we die.

Dear Jesus, help us to be a useful part of your body. Help us to be busy showing God's love to others. Thank you for making us a part of your team. If there is someone here today that is not part of your team, your body, help him or her to ask you to be a part of your team. Amen. 

Copyright 2002 Sarah A. Keith

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