Jesus Feeds the 5000

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My husband and I teach Sunday School once a month. During our time, we have been trying out a new game time activity. It seems to be really working and the children are retaining most of the lesson (we have a wide range of ages.)

Last week our lesson was on the feeding of the 5,000 and how the little boy shared his lunch.

Before the class began my husband went to the Sunday School room and hid a bag of tootsie roll midgets. Oh he was SO creative!

As the children came in they noticed the tootsie rolls (of course what child wouldn't???). They thought they had this game all figured out....ha ha ha.

We prayed and then began our lesson. The children were instructed to listen carefully to the story because as they saw we were going to play a game with the tootsie rolls.

They still kept thinking they had this all figured out.

While my husband was telling the story I took a piece of construction paper and cut it into six pieces. I numbered them and turned them over.

Now the fun began.

We went around the table and each child had to answer a question correctly...or even if they got the meaning of the question we still let them pick a piece of paper. Whatever number was on the paper was the amount of tootsie rolls they could find.

Well, all the children were looking at their treasures and were thinking they would certainly have a huge pile by the time the game was over.

Then I told them they had to put their treasures in the middle of the table and not touch them.

When the game was done we had a pile of candy to count out and the tootsie rolls were evenly distributed. 

Just like the fish and the loaves of bread there were some left over! The feeding of the 5,000 brought to life.

This is just an example of what we did last week. We have also done this activity with the Hershey's hugs for a lesson on friendship.

Submitted by:
Barb Wallace
Lighthouse Ministries
Fall River, MA

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