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Bible Riddles | by Reesee Michalochick 

I wanted to share my Bible Guess-A-Mees. I wrote them for use in Sunday School classes and have since shared them with our pastor, fellow church members, and friends who have loved figuring out the riddles. I use them to supplement a lesson, or as a game, or simply as a brain teaser that I send home with the children to research and figure out. Here are a few examples:

I was the first, but not the last -
Many have walked this earth,
But I didn't begin the same as you -
To me no one gave birth.
Who am I? (Adam)

I was very old when I became a Dad
But God had promised I'd have a son.
I was the Father of Many Nations,
Beginning with the Jewish one.
Who am I? (Abraham)

He came to me and said to me
"Please let my people go." (Moses)
And as the plagues made me so mad,
I still kept saying "NO."
Who am I? (Pharaoh) 

I was such a little man
That I could hardly see
And so I climbed a tree that day
To see Jesus but he saw me.
Who am I? (Zacchaeus)

I am a sign of a promise
Made by God for me and you,
A promise he'll never again flood the earth
Purple, red, green, yellow and blue.
What am I? (Rainbow)

I am soft and curly and white
And was used for sacrifices long ago.
I am also another name for Jesus,
A word all children should know.
What am I? (Lamb)

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Copyright 2001 Reesee Michalochick 

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