Bible Drill Game

Quick Draw Cowboy / Cowgirl 

At the beginning of our cowboy/cowgirl camps, we give out small promise books (miniature Bibles). These mostly have Scripture promises that may be used in memory work or anytime you need a Scripture.

You will need:
* 2- Small new Testaments, a pistol holster set, (need only 2 holsters they come with a belt but I make my belt from belting material that I buy at a fabric store, where I also purchase Velcro to sew on the ends of the belt to fasten, (this comes in ELASTIC) I do not want to embarrass anyone that comes up who are larger and the original belt will not go around them.)
* 2- Cowboy hats, preferably brown and black to help set the theme.
* 2 -Bandanas, red and a blue one, that the ends have been tied with a knot and tabs of Velcro sewed in to save time, in placing them around the volunteers neck.
* Some appropriate prizes to give out for the winners. Be sure they are nice, to make it a challenge for the boys and girls wanting to participate.

How to play: 
Have the musician play a western theme, we usually use "Home on the Range," and then ask who would like to participate in the "Quick Draw Drill," get a boy and girl, and then place their cowboy hats, bandannas, then strap the pistol around them, call the attention that we are using the New Testament in place of the pistols. Let them take the Bibles out, and be familiar with them, and then have them place them back into the holder. You can have this recorded on tape to use each time you have this. 

You have previously selected some scriptures from the New Testament, and you tell them that you are going to call the Scripture out twice and when you say DRAW, they are to take their Bible out and the first one getting to the Scripture is the winner.

You can play this several times using different boys and girls, don't play it too much so the boys and girls won't get tired of doing this.

Also in using the small scripture book, which are handed out the first night of the service. Encourage the boys and girls to take this book and memorize Scriptures from it. We had a Snoopy waist basket, we called it our Snoopy Barrel. It was placed at the entrance of the church. We asked the boys and girls to memorize Scriptures from the book. Then told them to write their name along with the verse they had memorized on a paper and place it into the Snoopy Barrel. At a time set in the program, we brought the barrel in and from it drew a name, and asked for the person to come to the front, and give their memory verse. If they wanted to take some time in giving the Scripture, we placed their name back in the barrel and called for someone else. We usually had 4 boys and 4 girls ready when I was doing this. They loved this and it helped them read and memorize the Bible.

Copyright 2002 Charles Cagle
Children's Evangelist

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