Bible Books Game Rapid Fire 

for 2-4 Players

Bible CardsBIBLE STACK-O! TM is an exciting Bible game for kids and adults! Challenging game play to learn the books of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation! There are three official ways to play Bible Stack-O! TM, but RAPID FIRE is also another great way to play our Bible cards:

What You Need: One deck of Bible Stack-O! playing cards.

How To Play: "Dealer" shuffles deck and places them faced down on the table. Players takes turns drawing four cards, one at a time, from the deck, and then arranges them in sequential order in hand. If by chance a player has drawn an exact sequence, player yells, "Stack-O!", lays the cards on the table, and calls out the Bible book names in order. 

Players will most likely not have an exact sequence after drawing their first four cards. Therefore, once players have their first four cards, "Dealer" says go, at which time players begin drawing a card from the deck and discarding unwanted cards on a discard pile to better the sequence in hand. This is done in rapid fire with all players drawing from the deck and discarding on the discard pile at the same time. Players may also grab cards from the discard pile to better the sequence in hand. When a player gets four cards in exact sequence, he or she yells, "Stack-O!", lays the cards on the table and then calls out the Bible books in sequential order. For every win, player gets a letter from the word BIBLE. The first player to spell B-I-B-L-E wins.

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