Bible Drill Game

Ready, Set, Go, Flip, Slide

We have found in our Bible club that the Ready, Set, Go, Flip, Slide method of looking up scriptures in a group of children levels the field of experience vs. inexperience. We find it most helpful with our larger group of 3-5th grade kids. 

Using this method has helped to keep kids who are older or more experienced from showing off and making others feel less equipped. It was sad to see that their skills actually discouraged others in their group from trying - and often those who felt discouraged would become a behavior challenge. As we have continued to use this drill method – the first children to accomplish a specific step of the drill have been taught that it is an "honor" to help their teammates. After all, we are training future leaders!

Since we have a large group of children (40-48 in one group), we divide them into 4 teams. Each team is to work together to find the same scripture. As the children find their directed step in the drill - they are then to assist the person next to - or across from them. At first we awarded "points" to the teams as they came in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. But, after a few weeks of working as a team, they work well without the incentive. We do have 2 to 3 adults or teen leaders for each small group of 10-12 children and the leaders also direct and assist their team members. 

Because we work with a good number of children at one time, we use an amplification system. Most kids love to be chosen to read the scripture on our microphone. The team leader chooses 1 child from their group to be the designated "reader". The children understand that the best behaved and most helpful to the team will influence the leader's choice for "reader". 

We look up 4 scriptures for each lesson. Because our lesson time is only 20-25 minutes, we have each team look up a different scripture at the same time. They hold their place, ready to read, when their scripture when it is revealed during the lesson.

READY – Everyone goes to the index of their Bible. 

SET – The leader tells them the name of the Bible book they're to find. They find the book and the page number (in their particular Bible) of the book. Children also discover that not all Bibles will have the same page numbers for the book. (Our club is in a public school. Some children bring their Bibles from home and some have no Bible. Our club provides some Bibles - but if there are not enough, the children share with the teammates that don't have a Bible. 

GO – Everyone on the team goes to the first chapter of the book. 

Flip – The leader will tell them the chapter of the scripture reference. Everyone "flips" to that chapter. Once the chapter is found....a little drama in the leader’s voice as they are instructed to..... 

SLIDE - to the verse number that is announced. 

Hope this helps others as it has helped us. 

Personal note: We received a special confirmation recently that it's OK to look up scripture this way. When doing a Beth Moore study, in her lecture video, Beth said, "Excuse me! I can never find that book, so I'm going to the index and looking up the page number!" 

Haven't we all felt that way at times? It's sometimes faster to use this method than fumbling around flipping pages and feeling a bit panicked! I don't know about you, but my tabs wore out a long time ago!

Joyfully Serving HIM,
Emmalea Butler

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