Sticky Stereotypes

Middle-school Bible Game | by Yolanda Smith

My husband and I teach the teenagers at our church. Our last activity was something we call Sticky Stereotypes. We gave each teenager a label (a large label like the ones that fit both the return and senders address) and asked them to write one word that would describe the way adults would describe them. Some of the words they came up with were: VIOLENT, RUDE, IGNORANT, WILD, CRAZY, etc. After they each had written the word, we took them one at a time and blindfolded them, then placed one of the words on their backs. The rest of the group responded to them based on the descriptive word on their backs. For example: The first teen had the word IGNORANT on his back, the rest of the group began to treat him like he could not think for himself. Some people laughed, others just said mean things to him. He had to guess which word had been placed on his back. 

The activity was very intense and thought provoking. We took the time at the end of the activity to talk about how those stereotypes make them feel and then we discussed what God says about them. They took turns finding verses that reminded them that they were created in God's image, and were loved by God. 

You must be ready for the answers and responses. My husband and I were so shocked at how open the teenagers were after the activity!

Copyright 2001 Yulonda Smith 
Grace Family Worship Center
Greensboro, NC 

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