Survivor-Temptation Island TM

Outdoor Bible Game Adventure for Youth Ministry 

Goal: Through various fun games, activities, challenges, and group Bible discussions, participants will learn that temptation is from Satan and can lead to sin. Participants will also learn how to receive God's power to resist Satan's temptations. Event lasts approximately 3.5 hours. For grades 5 and up*.

From the time we begin to walk and talk, we are tempted to choose our way of living, and make our own choices, but not God's way of living or choosing his ways. Our parents didn't have to teach us to do wrong, because we are sinful from birth. When we are young, we might be tempted to steal a cookie or disobey our parents. However, these sins, though seemingly insignificant, still separate us from Holy God. As we get older, our sins can destroy our health and relationships with others. The Bible says that Satan is like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour. Satan wants to defeat God's children and will do whatever it takes to accomplish his goal. God has given us his Word so we can defend ourselves against Satan's fiery attacks. 

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*Not just for kids! Check out how a women's ministry in Texas used our event! 

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