Resist the Devil

Victory in Jesus Bible Game

"Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you." James 4:7

How To Play: All players "the soldiers" form one circle - facing the center. Teacher designates one player to represent the ENEMY and is given a beanbag.

The ENEMY walks or runs around the outside of the circle (behind the other players) and drops the beanbag behind one of them. This player now quickly goes to the center of the circle with the beanbag while the ENEMY tries to run around the circle and into the center through the space left open by the player who is now standing in the center of the circle. 

While the ENEMY is running around the circle, the player in the middle tosses the beanbag to another player that is in the circle. After intercepting the beanbag, this player can now run through the center of the circle to fill in the gap left by the first player - and the 1st player fills in the gap of the one that caught the beanbag. (The two players are switching places that they originally held in the circle.) If both of the gaps are filled in by the players by the time the ENEMY gets to the first gap, the Enemy is deemed unable to enter into the circle. THE ENEMY WILL BE DEFEATED! If the ENEMY does make it through the gap - he receives another attempt or may choose another player to take his place as the ENEMY. 

Play continues as long as time allows.

Copyright 2004 Emmalea Butler

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