Pin The Flag On The Bible

Scripture and Lesson Review Game for Children 

After several weeks of studying the books of the Bible and their themes, this game is intended to reinforce what the children have learned.

What you need: Cork board, push pins, small flags* in two colors, Bible names, blindfold.

What you do: Write the names of the Bible on strips of paper and pin them to the cork board to cover it. 

How to Play: Divide class into teams. Each team is given their set of colored flags. First child on the team is blindfolded, spun around and placed in front of the cork board. Have them place a flag with a push pin into the cork board so they pin a Bible name. Whichever book he or she pins, he or she has to say something about that book, for example, if the book is Deuteronomy, he or she might say, the health laws, or clean and unclean animals. If the book is John, they might say, the ministry of Jesus, or the parables of Jesus. If the book is Revelation, they might say, the last days. The child that is 'up' may also request help from their teammates.

If the team that is up is able to answer correctly, they leave their colored flag on the board and play passes to the next team. If the team is unable to correctly answer, the team removes their flag. Play passes to the next team.

How To Win: After a designated time game ends. The team with the most flags on the board, wins!

* You can make the flags from craft foam or construction paper.

Copyright 2013 Elvia Castaneda

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