Bible Word Fun

How creative can you get? 

See if you can create related expressions from these words or form your own meaningful expressions with the initial letters.

BIBLE = Best Inspired Book of Love-story Ever-told
=Best Information Before Leaving Earth
=Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth (see the poster)
=Best Inspired Book of Love for Everyone etc.

BEATITUDES = Beautiful Attitudes

FAMILY = Father And Mother I Love You

Find other words from the Bible and work on them in a similar way. You’ll be surprised to find yourself so inspired!

Treasure Hunt

Take the word TREASURES and create as many words as you can from it. Do not repeat the letters unless they are also repeated in the word. (E.g. rest, tree, seat, sure, or true.) After that, pick words that are likely to be found in the Bible (without looking into the Bible - at first!). Then look into the sections in the Bible where you think the words will be found. How many did you find?

Bible Bits

Read through these bits drawn from the Bible and provide the related information. You may refer to the related Scripture references if necessary.

Being foolish and easily tempted I ate it. Later I persuaded you-know-who to do the same and then we both got into big trouble with you-know-WHO! (Gen.3:6-7)

“I” _____________

“it” _____________

“you-know-who” _____________

“big trouble “ _____________

“you-know-WHO” _____________

2. Believe it or not . . . I was in its belly for three days and three nights…and survived!

(Jonah 2:1-11).

“I” ______________

“its belly” ______________

Let them come to me, and do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of

God belongs (Lk8:16).

“them” _____________

“me” _____________

“such as these” _____________(describe some qualities “these” possess)

I felt miserable when I made the mistake - and mind you, not just once! But he knew

about it all along (Lk22:34; 56-62).

“I” ____________

“the mistake” ____________

“not just once” ____________ (how many times?)

“he” ____________

“it” ____________

He was very angry when he saw what they were doing in such a sacred place and chased

them all out of there (Jn.2:13-16).

“He” ________________

“what they were doing” _________________

“them” _________________

“there” _________________

“Father” he said. “Yes, my son” he replied. “Look,” he said “here are the fire and the

wood, but where is the lamb for the burnt offering?” (Gen.22:7).

“Father” _______________

“son” _______________

“where is the lamb”? _______________

“burnt offering” _______________ (why?)

As they came down from the mountain Jesus gave them this order, “Tell no one about the vision until the Son of Man has risen from the dead.” (Mt.17:9).

“they” _______________

“vision” ________________

“I will rid the earth’s face of man, my own creation, . . . for I regret having made them.” But one particular person had found favor with him so he agreed to establish his Covenant with him (Gen.6:7-8; 18).

“rid the earth’s face… . “ How? ___________________

“regret” Why? ____________________

“one particular person” Who? ____________________

“favour” Why? ____________________

“him” Who? ____________________

“Covenant” What? ____________________

Copyright 2001 Lucille Dass
The Holy Spirit Church
Penang, Malaysia

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