Grandpa Remembers

Christmas Skit for Children's Ministry

It begins at the far side of stage with the lights focused only on this area, a rocking chair and "grandpa" reading the newspaper by a table with a small Christmas tree on it. Doorbell rings and his daughter enters with two or three kids, (have them wear coats and take them off if your climate is cold). The daughter thanks her dad for baby sitting while she does her last minute shopping- she leaves. Kids cuddle up with grandpa on his lap and around the tree and start to talk about Christmas and what they are doing at school and at church. The kids ask grandpa about "his memories" and as he recalls the lights dim on them and come up on the other side as his memories come alive! 

For example he could remember their mom singing Silent Night, and recruit a young soloist from your children participants, and he could remember his Sunday School class reciting Luke 2, he could remember when they acted out the Christmas scene, the children's choir etc. Just keep fading back and forth between grandpa and the kids and the children acting out his memories. 

The kids keep begging for more of what he remembers, talk about stringing popcorn and family and simple family memories and the joy of being together and celebrating the real reason for Christmas, of God sending his Son. You could have them read a story, talk about how he received a orange and a box of cracker jack after the program etc, anything you want! At the end have Grandpa explain salvation and that Christmas is just the beginning of the story, it will end many years later on a cross. He tells the grand kids the present he wants to receive most of all is to have them love the Lord. "I have no greater Joy than to know my children are walking in the truth" 3 John 1:4. Mom arrives home and they say goodnight. Grandpa goes back to his chair picks up his bible and holds it tenderly and says "Merry Christmas" to himself and he closes his eyes and nods off. 

We concluded by handing out cracker jacks to everyone, or "remember candy canes" and had Grandpa's grand daughter say, "I have a book in my back pack about the legend of the candy cane." Then she read it to the audience, (great story!). Hand out candy canes at the end. Use the idea and make it your own! 

Copyright 2013 Mary Goemaat 
Children's Director Faith Church, Michigan.

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