Advent in Action

Putting Your Faith in Motion 

God helps us to prepare our hearts, minds, bodies, and spirits for celebrating HIS birth. GET READY, ALL SET, now LOVE!

Week 1: Love One Another
Scripture-reading/memorization/singing: 1 John 4: 7, 8.

Activity: write about or take a picture (or draw it) of your favorite game or activity to do with your sister, brother, cousin, friend, neighbor, school/class/teammate. Pray about and think of ways you can show the love of Christ during these times. Perhaps you will invite or encourage someone you have never shared this activity with before. Maybe, when the activity ends, you can congratulate the winner as you smile or offer a high five.

Week 1 Prayer
"Dear LORD as YOU (we) prepare our hearts for CHRISTmas, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. Thank you, GOD! Amen."

Week 2: God's Love For All
Ponder, consider, think, about the greatness and amazing extent of GOD's love for ALL people! For you! For me!

Scripture reading/memorization: John 3:16

Activity-GOD GOD gave. GOD loves...GOD gives, gives, and gives more, more, over, and over AGAIN. Follow in HIS steps. Let HIM lead you in giving.

Make a list of people, ministries, charities, organization you will GIVE some of the time, talent, and treasure that GOD has graciously, abundantly, repeatedly GIVEN you. Letís share the love of Christ with those of us who need it most-those who are lonely, lacking, hurt, hardened, hungry, hated, misunderstood, mistreated, maligned, friendless, forgotten, frail, faithless, shocked, shattered, scared, shaken, scorned, cornered, challenged, grieving, gullible, angry....this is us (at one time or another). This is why JESUS came!

Write a poem, song, letter expressing your gratitude for the magnitude of GOD's life for you and yours for HIM. Share by giving a copy or reading your writing with those who need The LORD (people need The LORD). How will you show that kind of heartfelt love to others especially those who reject, resist, and refuse it? The distance God went to demonstrate that love is beyond our comprehension. How high, wide, long, how deep is the love of GOD for the whole of humanity...the world!

Week 2 Prayer
"Almighty God, how could YOU love us so much and do what you did (suffer so terribly, be humiliated, beaten, betrayed, rejected, mocked, denied, crucified unto DEATH) for me ? How could YOU hold back YOUR power and let YOUR Son die for my sins and the sins of all of us sinners? Though not understanding it fully, I am fully persuaded to believe it! As the old hymn says, "Love so amazing, so divine, demands my soul, my life, my all." Thank you for HIS ultimate sacrifice and resurrection. Praise GOD JESUS is risen! ALIVE forever more! Amen."

Week 3: Humble Ourselves

Scripture reading, memorization-Philippians 2:5-11

Humble ourselves by meekly kneeling before GOD daily. Expressing audibly OUR thanks to our LORD, SAVIOR, REDEEMER, PROVIDER, PROTECTOR, PHYSICIAN, LIGHT, LEADER, GUIDE, GUARD for the precious blood of JESUS, His agonizing/cruel death for us, His resurrection from the dead with ALL power. Praising HIM for sitting on GOD's right hand making intercession for us. Rejoicing at the expected fulfilled promise of HIS soon return as Sovereign, ruling eternal King!

Seek the LORD in prayer, scripture reading, and meditation for showing us who, how, and when to share what we know about Jesus' love. 

Seize opportunities to submit to Godís leading, direction, guidance, promptings.

Stand on HIS promise that if JESUS be lifted, talked about, exalted--HE will draw, attract, and convince others to follow Him.

Week 3 Prayer
Almighty God, how Great are YOU! LORD GOD, excellent, marvelous, majestic, and mighty is your holy Name! Your name is above, higher, greater than any other name. At the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in Heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue acknowledge that JESUS is LORD to the glory of GOD The FATHER. Thank YOU for the privilege, honor to worship and serve you!

Week 4: Bend the Knee

Scripture reading, memorization-Matthew 2:1-11

As in week 3, letís humbly bow, bend our knees, at least once a day to thank/praise GOD as we consider the incomparable, outlandish, never ending, everlasting love of GOD in that HE came to save us HIMself in human form. Take this practice of daily kneeling in the awesome presence of our loving LORD into the New Year!

Week 4 Prayer 
Heavenly Father, YOU and YOU alone deserve worship, praise, adoration, obedience, service, and . So I acknowledge You as The Most High GOD, The One and Only True and Living GOD by kneeling before YOU now with prayers of thanksgiving! Help me take this position everyday as a reminder to gladly keep this posture in my words , affections, desires, thoughts, emotions, and actions. May I willingly place all of these in Your Almighty, all powerful, and loving hands. I make them low and under Your control, influence, subjection, and direction. Help me to remember how Mary, Mother of JESUS-young, humble, servant of GOD yielded her whole self to YOUR perfect plans and holy purposes. Bring to our remembrance Josephís willingness to abandon his plan and follow Godís. May the journey of the wise men be ours. They set aside their earthly priority, power, position, and status for the purpose of seeking YOU so that they could bow/humble themselves before You in worship. They showed us how to approach The Sovereign LORD GOD. Everything within them as in us~bodies minds, souls, plans, agendas, desires all bow to adore, worship, and honor the true KING of kings, LORD of lords, GOD made flesh. ..JESUS! Thank YOU, LORD! AMEN! 

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