Disciples, Recycles?

The Great Commission - Discipleship Matthew 28:16-20

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(You will need two people or two puppets for this children's Bible talk. Person 1 carries a bag with a Bible in it. Person 2 carries a large bag full of empty aluminum cans and glass bottles.)

Person 1: Hello kids, today we’re talking about being disciples for Jesus.

Person 2: (comes running in out of breath and carrying a large bag of cans and bottles) 
Did you say disciples? I thought we were talking about recycles! Look what I brought! (Proudly dumps bag of cans and bottles onto the floor.)

Person 1: Recycles? Why would we talk about recycling in church? 

Person 2: Aren’t we supposed to keep God’s planet clean?

Person 1: Yes, good point, but that’s not our subject today. Today, we’re talking about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus! The word disciple comes from the word “discipline.” 

Person 2: I don’t like discipline! 

Person 1: It’s not the discipline of punishment that you probably have in mind. The word disciple comes from a Latin word meaning “student.” So when we talk about being disciples of Jesus, that means we are his students. And as his students, we have much to learn. Kids, how do we learn about Jesus?

Person 2: (Blurts out, while raising hand wildly up and down) Ooh, ooh, I know, I know! We must read and know God’s Word!

Person 1: Yes, but I wanted the kids to answer! When Jesus lived on earth, he chose 12 disciples, 12 students, to learn from him. Over the course of three years, Jesus taught them and many other people, both men and women, what it means to follow and please God. Sadly, one of the 12 disciples betrayed him. But that didn't stop Jesus from doing what he came to earth to do, which is dying on the cross to take the punishment we deserve for sinning against God. He then rose from the dead, defeating death! Then, after Jesus rose from the dead, and before he ascended back to Heaven, he gave the remaining 11 disciples very important instructions, which I’m going to read about now. 

(Jokingly says the following, while reaching into the bag to pull out the Bible.) 
I also brought a bag, but it’s not holding recycles! Listen closely now as I read what Jesus told his 11 disciples.

Read Matthew 28:16-20 from a child-friendly Bible.

Person 2: I just realized something really, really important! If Jesus’ disciples hadn’t obeyed his teaching, we probably wouldn’t be here today reading God’s Word or even knowing about God! Jesus’ 11 disciples taught other people, and those people taught other people, and those people taught other people, and those people taught other people, and those . . . 

Person 1: Stop! We get it. You are so right! We know about God today because of all the disciples that came before us! That means we have a responsibility to tell others about Jesus too, so that those who come after us can also learn about Jesus’ love, salvation, and forgiveness! Kids, as students of Jesus, we must teach others what we’ve learned from the Bible. 

Person 2: You know what’s really great? This command comes with a promise! Jesus said, “I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” 

Person 1: Yes, that is a wonderful promise. Jesus will be with us until the end of time, and then all of his disciples, meaning all those people who trust in him as their Savior and Lord, will live with him forever in his eternal Kingdom! Let’s pray now and thank God. 

(pray) “Dear Jesus, thank you for the promise that you are with your disciples forever. Help us to be good students who learn and obey your Word. Help us to share your good news with others. Amen.”

Copyright 2021 Sarah Keith

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"I enjoyed your skit about the disciples and recycles. It caused me to think that it might add to the skit to "upcycle." That's something this world would surely understand. Once a sinner has accepted Christ, that child of God should "upcycle" to being a disciple. Those cans and bottles in the bag can be upcycled into different crafts and useful items. God's children should be useful to His service, too. Just thinking!" ~ Julie K. 

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