Father's Day Poem

Activity for Children's Ministry*


It's hard to find a small gift for Dads. I thought the best gift a Dad could have is making a special memory with his child - that's the inspiration for the poem. I started planting flower seeds late in June one year and they were up and blooming in plenty of time to enjoy in late summer. AND consider the thought that it is NEVER too late to plant some sweet memories for Dad's and their children.

I printed out the following poem in a kid style font and attached it to a packet of flower seeds for the children to give Dad. I hope this helps someone else too. 

*(You could have the children create a card and draw a picture of themselves planting the seeds with their dads.)

Daddy here are some seeds
that I need your help to plant
I hope you aren't too busy.
Please don't tell me that you can't.
Because the time that we'll spend together
digging in the dirt
Will mean so very much to me 
and might even heal my hurts.

The flowers that I gave to Mommy
have already bloomed and grown
But Daddy, I'd like to see our seeds grow
and beautify our home.
So will you work with me Daddy
and spend some time with me?
Can we We plant these seeds together
and grow some memories?

Copyright 2005 Emmalea Butler

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