The Valentine Cookies

Theme: Love Never Fails

The Adventures of Christopher Cross and Family are fictional stories based on real life situations. Grades K-6 will find these stories fun and easy to understand; the objective is to reinforce biblical truths and applications. Today's adventure lesson is on Love. 

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 13:8a KJV

"Well how come they're all broken? I thought you said you knew how to make cookies!" Chris said to his sister Lena.

"I followed mom's recipe and everything! It's not my fault the cookies split down the middle when they were baking! I was just trying to be nice Chris and help you out because I love you! If you don't want the cookies, throw them away; I don't care!" Lena said trying not to let her brother see the tears in her eyes. She stormed out of the kitchen. 

Chris looked disgustedly at the cookies. "What am I going to do?" he wondered. In exactly one hour Chris was suppose to be at his best friend and neighbor Todd's house with the cookies for their Sunday school class Valentine party. "I guess it really is my fault," thought Chris. He had forgotten until the day of the party to tell his Mother he had volunteered her to make cookies for the party. Mother had an important meeting to attend and couldn't make the cookies on such short notice.

"Maybe you and Poppa can dash to the bakery and buy some cookies," mother suggested. But Chris didn't want to do that. He had told everyone he was bringing his mother's special homemade cookies. Everyone loved the way his mother, Rhoda, baked. Her Valentine cookies were always a big treat!

Before mother left for her meeting, Lena asked, "Can I make the cookies?" Poppa spoke up and said that he would be home and volunteered to help Lena use the oven; so mother approved. 

Chris was starting to feel badly about yelling at his sister. The only reason Lena had made the cookies in the first place was because she loved Chris and wanted him to be able to bring homemade cookies like he said he would. Chris went upstairs and knocked on Lena's bedroom door.

"I'm sorry Lena," he said, when she opened the door. "You tried your very best. Will you please forgive me for the way I acted?"
"Of course," Lena replied as she dried her eyes. Chris thanked her and said, "I better hurry and get those cookies over to the party."

"You mean you are taking them with you?" Lena asked in surprise. 

"Of course," Chris said with a smile. 

"Thanks Chris," Lena said. 

By the look on her face Chris could tell he had made his sister very happy.

When Chris passed out the Valentine cookies at the party he and the other kids discovered not only were they delicious, but they made a fun game too. The cookies were spilt in two, so the children went around to each other to see who had the half they were missing. It was great fun and everyone enjoyed it. 

Chris couldn't wait to get home to tell Lena; she was so happy! "Do you think you can make those cookies for us again next year?" Chris asked his sister. 

"Sure!" Lena said. And they both laughed. 

Activity: You will need red and white paper, scissors, glue, crayons or markers. Cut out two hearts, a large red one and a smaller white one. On the white heart make a picture of what you think Lena's cookies looked like. While drawing the cookies think of how Lena and Chris put into action the verse Love Never Fails, then glue the white heart in the middle of the red one. 

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