The Bible in 50 Words

--Author Unknown  

Bible in 50 Words Poem

God made 
Adam bit 
Noah arked 
Abraham split 
Joseph ruled 
Jacob fooled 
Bush talked 
Moses balked 
Pharaoh plagued 
People walked 
Sea divided 
Tablets guided 
Promise landed 
Saul freaked 
David peeked 
Prophets warned 
Jesus born 
God walked 
Love talked 
Anger crucified 
Hope died 
Love rose 
Spirit flamed 
Word spread 
God remained.

Presentation Ideas to accompany the poem

1) Have children memorize one or more of the following 25 lines. Children then stand side-by-side in front of the congregation and take turns saying their lines.

2) Write each of the 25 lines on separate poster boards. With music playing such as "How Great Thou Art" or "Awesome God," have children stand side-by-side with posters turned over, then flip the posters over, one after the other, in consecutive order. Both songs can be found in our affiliate bookstore by typing their titles into the search box (select MP3 Downloads from the dropdown list).

3) Present the 50 Words as a monologue.

Teach God's salvation plan from Genesis through Revelation by teaching The Great Promises of the Bible.  (For K-5th grade)

Promises of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation

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