Bible Bucks

Classroom Rewards Incentive for Children's Ministry

Bible Bucks
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Over the years teachers have expressed a need to incentivize their programs to encourage good behavior during class time. One such technique, with effective proven results, is the use of Bible Bucks. After all, who doesn't like to be rewarded? Before class, teacher informs the children of the desired behavior to earn the Bible Bucks, such as listening attentively, raising hand to ask or answer questions, participating by answering questions, showing respect to other students and teachers, etc.

The teacher or class assistant doles out the Bible Bucks to behaving children during lesson time. Children must leave their money on the table and not play with it. If they misbehave by not following the expectations established before class, the money is taken away, one buck at a time. When the "sit-still" part of lesson time is over, and before moving on to the next activity, children put their $ into their "banks," (index card holders or envelopes with their names written on them) and then store them away until the next lesson.

When a predetermined number of Bible Bucks are earned for desired behavior, the children can use the "money" to purchase prizes or other rewards the teacher has made available.

You may print as many Bible Bucks as you need for your students. Make sure to look up the Bible verse printed on the front of the Bible Buck! A donation to the site for use of this resource is appreciated!

God's blessings as you work in His Vineyard!
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