K.F.C.C. "Kids For Christ Club"

Christian Club for Boys and Girls

KFCC was created for churches with limited staff members and small attendance of children, but have a vision for greater in both areas. The KFCC is for all children between the ages of 4 and 12. It is a Christian club for boys and girls who desire to live for Jesus Christ, learn about Him, and serve him. 

KFCC teaches love, respect, and honor for God in fun and creative ways. Children will learn about the world and it's wonders. They will learn skills they can take with them as they grow; working together to earn group and individual buttons. Activities include camping trips, quizzing, contests, games, special guests, and more. 

KFCC children must be committed to work hard and be at the meetings as often as they can. However, we understand sickness, vacation time, and other untimely events can interrupt their ability to make it to some meetings. 

We encourage parental involvement as much as possible. As parents, you are your child's guide and example and we pray you will strive to help your child(ren) during their membership with KFCC. 

God bless you and your family.

KFCC Pledge

"I pledge to honor God by reading and obeying His word, praying, and attending church on a regular basis. 
I pledge to follow God's son, Jesus Christ.
I pledge to have a Christ like love for all people I meet.
I pledge to keep my mind and body healthy.
I pledge to take care of the world God so graciously gave me.
I pledge to do my part of the Great Commission; I will tell others about Jesus Christ and His love." 


"Then Jesus came to the disciples and said, 'All power in the heavens and on the earth has been given to me. So, I want you to go and make disciples of all people in all nations, baptize them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Teach them to obey everything I have commanded you to obey. And it is for sure I will be with you always, even to the very end of time'" MATTHEW 28:18-20 (paraphrased).


1. Be between the ages of 4 and 12 years old.
2. Memorize the pledge of KFCC. 
3. Memorize Matthew 28:18-20 (any version). 
4. Demonstrate the KFCC hand pledge (ASL for I love you- held over your heart). 
5. Be able to say our National pledge to the Flag.
6. Be able to say the pledge to the Christian Flag. 
7. Be able to say the pledge to the Bible. 
8. Promise to attend KFCC meetings as often as you are able.
9. Promise to keep up with your KFCC journal; bringing it to each meeting.
10. Wear your KFCC uniform to the meetings.


GROUP participation buttons require all students, regardless of their age, to reach the same goals. Each group button will require four to six weeks (meetings) to complete. Some may take longer. This will depend on the leader, guests, and activities planned. Some activities will be completed at the meetings and some will be finished at home. Requirement forms will come with each button for the parents to read and sign as each requirement has been completed by their child(ren). 

* Stranger Safety 
* Sign Language
* Fire Safety 
* Special Needs Children
* First Aid 
* Our Country
* Missionaries 
* Camping
* Emergency Preparedness 

INDIVIDUAL participation buttons are earned as each child reaches specific goals designed for that button. All children, regardless of their age, may work on any button, as parents allow. Each age level will have different requirements, however, as a child grows older the leaders will evaluate and have them work on more requirements in order to upgrade a button they earned at a younger level. 

* Map Wizard 
* Bird Watching
* Cooking I 
* Cooking II 
* Samuel Button (service to others) 
* Simple Electricity
* Sewing I 
* Sewing II 
* Baby-sitting 
* Public Speaking
* Cake Decorating 
* Pets 
* Collection (such as stamps) 
* The Private-I (eye)

For more information on the KFCC program, contact Dianne Richards at: eugenendianne@otelco.net 

Copyright 1991 Dianne Richards

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