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Sample Lesson 3 of Choose This Day Whom You Will Serve

Choose this day whom you will serveThis story-telling idea, based on John 4:1-42, is similar to the fun, story-telling technique, "Goin' on a Bear Hunt," an interactive method whereby the listeners travel with you. As the story progresses the listeners move according to your directions (bold and italicized). It's ok to pause while the kids walk or run in place and before moving on to the next section of the story. You might select a few kids to stand next to you as you lead the class and tell the story. You can improvise the story in your own words or use the following script and read it dramatically:

Everybody stand up, because today we're going to travel back in time with Jesus. 

Let's begin walking (walk in place or begin patting legs).

The Pharisees heard that Jesus was gaining and baptizing more followers than John, but it wasn't Jesus who baptized, it was his disciples. When the Lord learned of this, he left Judea and hurried back to Galilee.

Let's get moving (walk faster)! 

Now Jesus had to go through Samaria, which was quite a long ways away from Samaria.

Let's get running so we'll get to Samaria before lunch time (run in place)! 

Look, there's a shortcut through that wheat field. Let's go!

(Clap hands through the wheat.) 

Now climb the hill. (Arms climb up.) 

Now down we go. (Arms climb down.)

Keep running. Oh my! There's a snake. (Jump over it!) 

Here's another hill. Up we go. And back down. Keep running!

Finally Jesus came to a town in Samaria called Sychar. He was very thirsty, hungry, and tired. So he sat down by a well, named Jacob's Well, and his disciples went into town to buy some food.

Let's have a seat and rest with Jesus.

When Jesus looked up he saw a Samaritan woman coming to the well to get some water in the middle of the day. 

Do you see her? 

Shield your eyes from the sun and look to the left. Now look to the right.

Jesus walked over to . . . END OF SAMPLE.

Choose This Day Whom You Will Serve contains twelve, one hour sessions, or six, two hour sessions. The following lessons are included in "Choose This Day . . ."

Lesson One - The Choice: "Jesus"
Lesson Two - Choose New Life
Lesson Three - Repent and Believe
Lesson Four - Choosing God's Best
Lesson Five - Truth or Consequences
Lesson Six - Obey God

Lesson Overview Samples

Chap. 1 The Choice: Jesus
Jesus chose to come to earth to seek and to save those who are lost. There are two pathways in life, the narrow, less traveled way which leads to life, and the wide pathway which leads to death. Choose the Narrow Way. Choose Jesus.

Chap. 4 Choosing God's Best
Preparing for a special guest. Mary's and Martha's choice. Good vs. better choices. Our priorities. Choose to listen to Jesus.

Chap. 5 Truth or Consequences
Choose to tell the truth. Choose to share your possessions. Choose good over evil. Choose to conduct your life in a way pleasing to God.

Choose this day whom you will serve

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