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God showed a friend and me a unique evangelism idea yesterday. It all started with a special balloon that I had in my car for over a month. I had prepared and used this balloon as an object lesson for the Great Adventure Club, an afterschool Bible club in our local public school. 

I used the inflated balloon to explain the Holy Spirit. A printed paper with the words "Holy Spirit" was inserted in the deflated balloon before it was blown up.

After the balloon was inflated, I used a marker and drew big eyes looking up and a big smile. At the end of the presentation I explained the Holy Spirit is "visible" through the things we do to serve God in the world around us. When people "notice" and comment about the "work" - a Christian should remember to LOOK UP and give glory and praise to God to those that comment - telling them, "It's the Holy Spirit you see that is working in me."

To give the kids a visual, I would shake the balloon and the kids could clearly see the words Holy Spirit on the paper inside and the eyes looking up. It also helped to explain that we think about the things we do and the Holy Spirit will help direct our thoughts to do good things to honor and glorify Jesus. 

Since I kept forgetting to take the balloon out of my car, I decided to have fun with it since I kept finding the balloon waiting for me when I hopped in the car. Sometimes the "Holy Spirit" balloon would ride in the front seat. It was a good reminder of how close the Holy Spirit is to me at all times. The balloon would be put in the back seat when others rode up front. My friend had seen it for 4 weeks. Some of my grandkids that have seen (and played with it) and a couple other people have ridden in my car with me....and the "Holy Spirit" this past month. :o) It has been a great conversation starter!

Yesterday, my friend and I went to Wal-mart. When we opened the back door to put our groceries in the car - the wind was whipping and sucked the balloon out! My friend tried to catch it but it got away! It went between cars and under them and out again - much too fast to capture it. It was fun seeing the "Holy Spirit" set free in Wal-Mart's parking lot! LOL

So here is the evangelism idea inspired from that incident:

Kids love balloons! Use balloons to share God's Word! 

* Roll up a tract, a printed or hand written scripture, and put it inside the balloon before you blow it up. (What a fun activity for a youth or small group gathering! These are not helium filled - just good old "hot air.") 

* Use a permanent marker to draw big happy faces on the balloon. 

* Put the balloons on strings or ribbons, (so you can handle a bunch at a time -- they do get frisky!) 

* Take them to kids in the hospital, festivals, the local mall, or give them out in "Walmart" parking lots! 

* When giving the balloon say, "There's a special message just for you inside the balloon!" 

(Can't you just see yourself with a big bunch of colorful balloons and children running up to receive one ---- and a message from God's Word! I don't recommend turning them loose to bounce through parking lots - but I do have to wonder where the "Holy Spirit" balloon ended up - and the response of who captured it!) 

Copyright 2012 Emmalea Butler
Joyfully Serving HIM,
Emmalea Butler
Trafalgar, IN 

Stuffing more than one balloon with a message can be a bit time consuming. However, by using a short piece of PVC pipe with an opening about the size of a water faucet, the balloon slips over the pipe so you can easily insert the tract into the balloon through the pipe. 

My sister bought gospel color balloons to use. She is going to tie black ribbon on each balloon. This also is good idea, as it can represent how sin ties us down! 

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