Missions' Month

Teaching Children About the Great Commission

I love October! At the school where I taught October* was designated Missions' Month, and every year brought fresh revelations. Each class would choose a different country to study for the month. If anyone knew missionaries from that country, they were contacted. At the end of the month, all the elementary students, dressed as though they were from “their” country, and there was a Parade of Nations through the halls of the school. As the children grew older, they went on mission trips of their own and loved to return and share their experiences. 

After the parade, parents would join the class to celebrate their country, often with authentic food or crafts. Sometimes parents shared - we had a mom who had grown up in Mexico and a family who had taken a trip to South Africa share their experiences. This is what opens our heart to God’s love for all.

Often several classes would join together to have a “trip” around the world. Students would take “passports” to different classes where the teacher would share about the country they were studying and help the children complete a craft. We would usually allow each class 45 minutes, so that the students could learn about multiple countries in one day. 

One year we had several Kenyan students visit from a Bible College downtown. Another year, a Mexican woman who cleaned our classrooms shared about her country. Sometimes we think of other countries as poor or dirty, but migrants remember the strong bonds of friendship, the foods mama made, and the scenes of their childhood. Living in such a different place as our country can be difficult and lonely. We need to provide an oasis with our friendship. Their perspectives benefit us probably more than we benefit them. 

I also always read a short missionary story to the children each day during the month of October. It only took around five minutes, but it really opened eyes (mostly mine), about the needs of the world and the heart of our Father for each individual. The tales of answered prayer, heroic faith, and innovative ways to carry out the Great Commission were always an inspiration. 

Jesus Christ’s last words to us have been called The Great Commission. “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” Mark 16:15. Matthew 28:18-20 says “make disciples of all the nations.” That is the job of every Christian and this task was given to us by the Lord Himself. 

The awesome thing is that we don’t even have to leave the country to do this. There are hurting people all around us that need the Lord. We are to show His compassion and share His salvation with each one. Also, there are so many nationalities now in the United States, it is almost as though the Lord has brought the mission field to us. We must be careful to treat each one as we would like to be treated. 

So enjoy October! Have your own missions’ month with your family, Sunday school, small group, or co-workers. We must not forget our purpose given to us by Jesus Christ Himself, “YOU -- go into all the world and share the good news.”

~ Laurie S.

*Any month can be designated Missions' Month!

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