Worship, What does God think?

Children's Bible Lesson

Bible Reference: Leviticus 7-10

Introduce the lesson with the following story:

Once upon a time, all the leaders in our church got tired of doing the same old things. They decided that this Sunday, they would all do something different.

Everyone came to church and sat down, as usual. When it was time for the service to begin, [worship leader] asked the congregation to stand up and quack like ducks. Everyone was surprised, but they obediently quacked like ducks until [worship leader] asked them to stop.

Next it was [Person who read announcements] turn. He usually tells the church about all the opportunities during the week to meet together for fellowship, but this week, he suggested we all stay home and watch TV.

[Worship leader] thanked [Person who read announcements], (he is very polite) and then asked everyone to make motorcycle noises for two minutes. 

Next, [elder who reads scripture] walked to the front of the auditorium with a book in his hand. We were all sure he was going to read from the Bible, but he didnít. He read to us a very interesting story about butterflies in South America, and then he sat down.

Someone passed out doughnuts and coffee, and we all had some, except the children, who had milk instead.

Next [insert pastorís name] walked up the steps to the pulpit. It was very quiet as everyone waited for him to pray, as he usually does, but this week he decided to do something different. [insert pastorís name] took out a telephone and called the president of the United States! We could all hear the conversation over the microphone. ďMr. President,Ē he said, ďWhat do you think about our church?Ē The president was very confused, and didnít understand why [insert pastorís name] called him during church, but he wished us all the best and suggested {pastorís name] tell us a story. 

So after [insert pastorís name] got off the phone, [insert pastorís name] didnít talk about God. He told us all about the shopping trip when he bought his shoes. We all admired his new shoes, (they were lovely) and then we went home.

Do you think something like this could ever happen in our church? Why?

What would God think about a meeting like this? Does He care about HOW we worship?

Tell the story Aaronís anointing and his dress, then the story of Nadab and Abihu from Lev.7-10

Emphasize that God cared how Israel worshiped him. Does He still care how He is worshipped?

How do our leaders decide what to do in a worship service?

Ask the children to list all the elements of our worship service. (prayer, offering, announcements about fellowship opportunities, sermon, scripture reading, singing, communion, etc)

Distribute Bible verses to the children that refer to worship. Have them correlate the verses they read to what we do in worship today. Emphasize that the Word came first, then the service was designed according to it. Verses could include 1 Tim. 4:13, 1 Cor. 11:26, Eph. 5:19, Acts 2:42, 2 Tim 4:2 etc.


Give each child a sheet of instructions to make a simple craft. Explain how the priests had to follow instructions exactly in worship, and so you are asking the children to exactly follow instructions in class. 

In my class, we made a breast plate to remind us of the one Aaron wore. I gave the children a poster board square, 5" x 5Ē, with two holes punched in the top. I went ahead and tied a 16Ē piece of yarn through the holes. The instructions were:

Write your name on the top of the card in ink. 
Use a glue stick to glue the memory verse on card, under your name. 
Turn the card over. 
On the back side, make twelve dots of glue on the cardboard (or use glue dots), in four rows down and three rows across. 
Place one sequin on each dot of glue. 
Raise your hand and wait for the teacher to check your work. If itís correct, you may get a prize from our toy chest.

Copyright 2008 Susan Verstraete

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