The Wrapped Gift Box Activity

Materials Needed: A wrapped Christmas gift (with something to enjoy inside), some small treats or gifts to share with all children in the class.

In both the Old and New Testament and in our lives today, it is not enough to know the facts about Jesus (to know He was born, died on a cross, etc.)
God wants us to have a relationship of love and faith with Him. He wants us to KNOW Him and talk to Him and listen to His voice.
God wants us to live together with Him today. Just like you can accept or reject a gift, so it is with Jesus. God sends His Son to us.
You can say yes or no to Godís gift. There is no in-between.

2. Hand the box to someone and say, ďHere, I have a gift for you.Ē
(Let them respond and either take it or not take it.)


3. (Ask the child:) What do you have to do to accept my gift? (Just take it!)
But have you received my gift if you just hold it and look at the present? (No)
If you are going to ACCEPT my gift, what do I want you to do? (Open and enjoy it!)
If you got a new bicycle for Christmas, your parents donít want you to just park it in your room and look at it once in a while. What do they want you to do? ENJOY IT --- Have fun riding it!)

4. Receiving a GIFT & Receiving Jesus:
Knowing about Jesus and hearing about Him doesnít mean you received Him.
How do you receive Jesus as Godís special gift?
(Ask Him to be your Savior, invite Him to lead & guide you, to forgive you.
Let Him help you each day, talk to Him & enjoy Him!)

5. Invitation:
If anyone here today has not received Jesus as your Savior, you can right now.
(Take time to let the children respond.)
(Make sure the child to whom you gave the gift knows he or she can keep it.
Pass out some other small gifts or treats for the other children to enjoy at this time.)

From the book,
The First Christmas Tree . . .

See this same activity in PDF format, Click here.

Copyright 2009 David and Helen Haidle

A CHRISTMAS TREE LEGEND from Sicily. Inspiring tale of a little fir tree with a heart of love, compassion and giving. The little tree receives a surprise he never dreamed possible.

   The First Christmas Tree:
A Legend from Long Ago

Christmas Programs
Many churches have used this book for a Christmas presentation to their children and also to other children in a Christmas community outreach. One church featured this book for their Christmas program and handed out small starter pots containing a small Fir tree at the end of the program. It has been read to church youth groups, as well as shared with the youngest children.


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