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Bible Game for Children on Contentment

Place a large bowl of candy, such as Skittles*, on a chair on one side of the room. Give each person a plate and have them place it on the opposite side of the room. (Have each player write their name on the front of their plate.)

Have the kids stand next to their plates to begin the game. At your command, have them race to pick up one piece of candy from the bowl, then race back to their plate and place the candy on it. They can only take one piece at a time. Players continue this until a timer goes off, or a whistle is blown. They do not know when the timer is going to go off, and if they are not touching their plate when the timer goes off they will have to give up all the candy they have collected. (It's interesting to see them risk all their candy so they can have more! The longer they wait to hear the timer go off, the more they will understand the lesson.) When the timer goes off the kids must give back all their candy if they are not touching their plate.

Object Lesson

Ask the players, "Do you feel the game is fair?" 

"Is it hard to be happy for someone who gets to keep the candy?" 

Read Luke 12:13-21.

While playing the game we were concerned for ourselves and getting more candy. Some of you got to keep the candy, while others lost theirs. Life doesn't seem fair when others have more than you. God wants you to be content with what you have and be more concerned with your relationship towards him. God has always promised to be with us at all times. God wants us to be thankful for what we have and to trust Him, instead of trusting in what we have to make us happy. Before the children leave Sunday school class, distribute the remaining candy among all the players.

Copyright 2000 Deb High

*Be mindful of possible food allergies; get permission from parents before allowing children to eat the candy.

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