Ten Commandments Finger Memory Trick 

Learn the 10 Commands in order

Can you say the Ten Commandments* in order? By using our memory trick you will discover God's Top Ten commandments on the tip of your fingers, literally! Our memorization technique is great for kids, parents, and grandparents---at home, school, and church!

#1 - God is #1. Have no other gods. 
(Hold up index finger) 

#2 - Don't worship idols. 
(Two fingers "bow down.")

#3 - Don't misuse God's name. 
(Hold three fingers over mouth.)

Learn #4-10 using our Look n' Learn Ten Commandments memorization technique. Click the poster, below!
Learn the Ten Commandments Memorization Trick

*The order of the commandments is according to the traditional Hebrew Bible.

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