God's Love

Hands-On Visual Sermon for Kids | by Chris Koch

I used this message a couple of weeks ago and had the kids on the edge of their seats. I brought my crystal stemware from home, but I think this would work with any glass. 

Pitcher of water with a note on it that says "God's Love"
6 clear glasses 
A tray to set everything up on. 

Set up the glasses into a pyramid. The top glass should have a note attached that says "YOU." I tell the kids that the top glass is like them. We're going to fill them up with God's love:

"We get filled with God's love when we hear that Jesus died on the cross and rose again for our sins. (pour some water into the glass) 

"We get more of God's love when we find out that He is a Father to us and loves us like we are His children" (pour more water into the glass) 

"We get even more love when we find out that He is never going to leave us and is always there for us." (pour more water)

The glass should be filled just to the brim. Then I ask, "What's going to happen if we get anymore of God's love? That's right it's going to spill right out into the other glasses. Who do you think these other glasses represent?" (other people, our friends, our family.) 

When God fills us up with His love, it spills out of us and we can share that love with others. I want you to remember to continue to fill yourselves up with God's love by reading the Bible and listen to people who tell you about Him. Also remember to let that love spill over by telling other people that He loves them and by being kind to them. 

(I hope other people and teachers can use this. I've appreciated the ideas I've gotten from this website.) 

Copyright 2004 Chris Koch
Risen Christ Director of Children's and Youth Ministries

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