Afraid of Being Lost?

For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost. Luke 19:10 (ESV)

Sometimes - I Feel So Small

I recently had the opportunity to take some of my grandchildren to a nearby state park for a few hours. We really enjoyed making some memories, seeing the massive forest and taking some short hikes together. We climbed up into two really cool lookout towers that were like big cabins. The cabin lookouts were on the top of some high hills. When we climbed to the top floor (only two flights of steps), we could see a long way off. Because this little lookout was on top of a hill, it made it seem like we were even higher up than what we were. There were trees in all directions as far as we could see! We decided that GOD really liked trees! HE sure has made a lot of them! 

Can you think of a reason that seeing so many trees might have caused me to have a little fear? I will admit – the thought of one of my grandchildren being lost in those trees did frighten me. I really kept an eye on them as we hiked and I cautioned the kids several times to stay close and not to wander off into the forest. 

There was one more tower that the kids wanted to climb before we left the park. It was a fire tower. This tower was certainly more than two floors. In fact, it was about 100 feet from the ground! It was on the highest point in the park too. I didn’t want to climb that high (I had done that a few years ago --- when I was “younger”). The kids insisted that they climb to the top. The sides of the tower stairs had fencing around it so it was safe. I cautioned them to be very careful. I was going to be watching them and talking to them as they climbed. I let them climb all the way to the top landing by themselves.

I could hear them as they climbed. It was fun listening to them describe how high they were and what they could see. Mostly they saw --- more trees.

They took a digital camera with them and snapped photos of each other, of themselves together, and of me down below on the ground. When they returned to the ground, we viewed the photos. They said I looked like a little bug when they were up so high and I told them they looked like bugs on the tower too! We were amazed that they could hear me talking to them and I could hear their conversation as well. We talked again about how easily someone could get lost in all those trees.

Later, I was looking at the photos after I downloaded them on my computer. I enjoyed the memories that we made and thought again about how awful it would be to be lost in the forest. I thought again about how small the kids looked to me and me to them --- like little bugs. 

As I thanked God for the beautiful day together with the grandkids, HE reminded me of my concern that the children would not be “lost” in the woods. GOD reminded me that we are LOST, without HIM. HE reminded me of the moments that the kids were climbing the fire tower and we looked like bugs to each other, but I could hear their conversations and they could hear me. GOD reminded me that although we all may feel very small in this big world - HE can hear our conversations. GOD hears all we say, but HE particularly LOVES when we talk to HIM. GOD reminded me of how important it is for me to continually caution my grandchildren – AND my readers – about being LOST! HE reminded me of a very special scripture about children. “Even so it is not the will of your Father which is in heaven, that one of these little ones should perish" Matthew 18:14. 

GOD wants no one to be lost. That’s why HE sent Jesus to be our Savior! That’s why anyone that knows the way to heaven must tell children and adults, so no one will be lost! 

The kids were high up on the fire tower – I could see a beautiful blue sky above them that went forever….no ending to it! That’s the way it is with GOD’s love and protection. It goes on forever with no ending. HIS Word says, “The LORD [is] high above all nations [and] his glory above the heavens” Psalm 113:4. 

Please remember: although you may feel small, GOD sees you. Like the forests with so many trees, this world is dark and we can be so easily lost. GOD does not want you or anyone to be “lost.” HE is the LIGHT in this dark world. GOD’s Word has all the directions to keep us from being lost—words to show us the only way HOME—the way to Heaven. 

No matter how small you may feel, GOD hears everything you say, and waits to hear you talk to HIM. 

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that each child (and adult) here today talks to YOU. Thank You for the Bible that will guide us through this dark earth and keep us from being lost. Thank YOU that Your Word tells us the way HOME to Heaven. Thank YOU for our Savior, Jesus, who came to earth so that no one has to ever be lost. In Jesus Name, AMEN!

Copyright 2011 Emmalea Butler

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