Coming Clean

Lesson on Confession

Idea: Sin causes us to view the world, each other, in a skewed manner. When we confess our sins, our hearts are wiped clean.

Materials needed: Copy machine transparencies (one for each child), a permanent magic marker, crayons, dry paper towels.

Preparation: On each of the transparencies draw a large heart with the permanent magic marker.

"Hi, kids! I have something interesting to show you. I'd like each of you to take one of these hearts. Now, lets look through them at each other. We can see pretty clearly, can't we? I can see your beautiful brown eyes, your sparkling smile, your shiny hair. (At this point I pretended to look at the congregation) And I can see Mr. Smith yawning, and Mrs. Jones wriggling in her seat.... etc. 

Now, let's use our imaginations for a moment. Imagine something that you might do that would not be right. Something that might hurt someone else. Some sin that you have done. (Have children make suggestions. such as, hit my brother; say hurtful things; disobey parents, etc. For each sin that the children name, have them put a mark on their heart with crayon. After many marks have been put on their hearts, have the children hold up their transparencies and try to look through them now.) Point out how hard it is to see one another when there are so many dark spots on our hearts

Ask children what we can do about this. Bring the conversation around to the idea that when we confess our sins, Jesus forgives us and we can forgive each other."

(Have children wipe their "hearts" clean with paper towels. Have them look through their transparency hearts again. They will be able to see each other clearly once more.)

Prayer: Dear Jesus, we sometimes do things which are wrong. We are sorry. Forgive us so that we can see clearly. AMEN. 

Copyright 2005 Pastor Em

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