All Creation Tells of Jesus
by Cathy Burnett


Key Point: Jesus uses his creation as a witness to unbelievers (Romans 1:20).


Look what I brought with me today.  (Show leaves of different colors and shapes).  These are some leaves I found while out walking.  During this time of year the countryside has been painted by God with beautiful colored leaves:  some yellow, some orange or red, and some brown and gold. 

What season of the year do these leaves tell us it is?  Autumn (or fall).  Have you ever wondered why trees loose their leaves?  I think it is because Jesus wants to give them a new pair of clothes and they need a rest from holding on to the old ones all year long.  Have you ever tried to hold on to a leaf for a whole year?  Do you think you would get tired, too?  Jesus knows we get tired, so he gave us a day of rest.  We use that day to rest and thank God for all he has done for us.

Now, have you ever thought about all the people who use the day of rest to do things for themselves, and who never go to church?  How does Jesus tell them about himself?  He can use you to tell them, but even if they won't listen to you, he has another way.  He tells them through his own creations.  And during the fall season no one can look around at the trees and not think about how wonderful and awesome God is.

Think about the leaves for a moment.  If we wore the same pair of clothes all year what a mess they would be!  Do you see the dirt on the leaves and the holes eaten in them by bugs?  Jesus gave us seasons to remind us of the renewal we need.  There are times we need to let go of the bad habits or things we have done.  That is called repentance.

Psalms 51:10
"Create in me a clean heart O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me"


Jesus can grow new habits on us, just as he grows new leaves on trees in springtime.  Jesus uses his own creations to tell us about himself.  Let's be sure to thank Jesus for the beauty of all he has made.
Cathy Burnett
Friendship Methodist Church
Friendship, TN 

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