Advent - Getting ready!

Comparing Customs of Today and the First Christmas

"I have been reading all the wonderful things your site offers and I was given a gift from God for my Sunday School Lesson this past Sunday. I would like to pass it on for anyone who may be trying to reconnect children to the original Christmas through the use of today's Christmas activities, icons, and themes.

We created two lists, Christmas today and the original Christmas. Then drew a picture of the first Christmas and of Christmas as it is seen today. I am sure there is a better order to place the items, but this is in the order the girls gave them to me."

Advent; Getting ready for Christmas; what do we do to get ready? 
Scripture Readings: Luke Ch. 1-2, and Matthew 2.

First List-Christmas Today

1) Decorate 
2) Wrap presents 
3) Cook 
4) Buy Presents 
5) Christmas tree 
6) Send cards 
7) Clean 
8) Listen to music

Second List-The ORIGINAL Christmas 

1) God sent the star of Bethlehem as decoration.
2) "You will find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes..."
3) Mary prepared food for the Bethlehem trip.
4) The wise men came, bearing gifts.
5) The manger was made from a tree.
6) Gabriel told Zechariah and Mary about God's plan.
7) Mary & Joseph cleaned the barn and the manger.
8) The angels sang to the shepherds about Jesus' birth.

Copyright 2001 Catherine Hancock and her girls Sunday School Class.

Catharine (Cathy) Hancock, lives on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. She is a Sunday school teacher, wife of the priest of St. Thomas Charismatic Episcopal Church, and a home-schooling mom. Her e-mail address is

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