Catch My Words

Jesus Erases Our Sins 

Scripture Reference: Mark Chapter 1 Versus 21-28.

You will need a tape recorder or other recording device. 

Hi kids does anyone here know what this is? That's right, it's a tape recorder. And do you know what a tape recorder does? Yes, it catches peoples' words so you can play them back. Let's do some recording. Have each child say, "What have we to do with you Jesus?" Now play the tape back. Tell them how the tape is capable of letting voices get into it and become a part of the tape. Even if I remove the tape the voices are still inside the tape. But there is something else needed. Only the recorder has the authority to have the tape catch the voices and have those voices become part of the tape. If I hold the tape in my hand and talk to the tape it cannot capture my voice and if I tell the tape to erase the voices that it has recorded they still are there because only the recorder has the authority to tell the tape what to do.

Now I want to tell you about a time when Jesus was in a church and he met a man who had been bad for so long and did not know God, so a part of the devil became recorded into his body. Now that part of the devil in the man recognized Jesus and knew he was the Son of God. He yelled out, "What have we to do with you Jesus; leave us alone!" But Jesus is the Son of God! Like this recorder, Jesus has the authority to erase the evil in this man's life and the evil in anyone's life. With his authority, Jesus commanded all the evil in the man to be erased from his life. The man let out a great yell and he was freed from sin. You too can be freed from sin. Jesus died on the cross as the perfect sacrifice for our sins. Only Jesus has the authority to remove our sins and wash our spirits clean.

First, we must ask Jesus to erase our sins. Let's pray: "Dear Jesus, thank you for dying to cleanse us of our sins. Thank you for erasing them from our lives. Help us to record your Word, your Bible, in our hearts and minds. Amen."

Copyright 2003 Don Burns

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