Repentance Poem
by Helen Setser


All of the class are the "travelers" except one, who holds a large open Bible made from poster board and having salvation verses on it. The one holding the Bible is just called "Bible." Have class act out the poem while the teacher reads it.
TRAVELERS -- I'm on life's road and I'm doin' my thing. I do some bad things, but Hey!  I'm the king!
BIBLE -- Stop! You're on the wrong way! There's danger ahead! If you stay on this road You'll end up dead!
TRAVELERS -- Everyone dies.  So what if I do?
BIBLE -- Your body will die, of course, that's true. But you'll live forever in heaven or hell. Repent! turn around and all will be well.
TRAVELERS -- Yes!  I will repent.  I'll go God's way. I'll turn from my sin and with Jesus I'll stay. Lord Jesus, I thank You. Be my guide. From this day forward I'll walk by your side.
Copyright 2005  Helen Setser
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