Theme: Christian Growth | by Rev. Emilia Florio

Growing into the Potential God has planned for you.

Scripture References: Isaiah 61:10-11; Luke 2:22-40; Jeremiah 29:11

Props: Various types of seeds, a microphone

Greet the children as they come up for the message. Good morning! Let me show you what I have brought with me this morning. What are these? [Seeds]. What do we do with them? [Plant them, water them, etc.] What might grow? [Get responses].

Say! Iíve got an idea! Letís do a play together! Here, Iíll give each of you one of these seeds [Careful with the younger childrenÖ we donít want any seeds up the nose, in ears, etc.! You might just pass around a baggie with seeds inside and have the children look at them.] Now, you pretend to be the plant that your seed will grow into. For example, if you think your seed will grow into a tree, you might want to stand like this [demonstrate, arms out symbolizing branches]. Maybe you would be a weeping willow tree. [arms drooping down] If you think your seed will grow into a bean plant, maybe you would stand like this. [demonstrateÖ hands up above head, together, standing tall]. Maybe youíd be a pumpkin, and you might stand like this. [arms in circle in front]. Maybe you are a sunflower. [arms in circle above head]. Got the idea? Good! Now, go ahead, swoosh! You are all plants now!

Okay! Iím going to pretend to be a news reporter, and Iím going to interview all you plants. Ready? Just follow along with me.

[talking into microphone] Good morning! I am Emilia Florio of WGOD TV here in beautiful downtown Alexandria [or any town]. Weíre standing here this morning in the middle of Jim Wagnerís garden [or anyone in the congregation who is known for their garden], talking to a few of the plants which grow here. Excuse me, sir, can you tell me, what kind of plant are you? [get response; You may want to ask each child two or three questions] How long have you been growing here? [response] Were you always a___________ ? How did you begin your life? [A seed] How did you grow? How did you know to grow into a ___________ and not a ___________? 

Now, let me get this straight. All of you started as some kind of seed, yet you all grew to be different plants? And you say that because you were planted in the right ground, and watered, and fertilized, you grew from that tiny seed into the plant which you are according to Godís plan? Amazing!

And there you have it Ladies and Gentlemen! From Jimís garden in Alexandria, PA, this is Emilia Florio of WGOD news. 

Swoosh! Youíre all boys and girls again. Come sit by me. Now, what do you think? If God has a plan for these tiny seeds, do you think he has a plan for you, too? Absolutely! Every one of you has special talents and skills, you know, things youíre good at, which in many ways, you donít even know about yet. As you grow, youíll recognize Godís plan for you. Itís our job as parents and your church family to help you do this. Would you pray with me?


Rev. Emilia Florio
Christ Reformed Church, United Church of Christ
Alexandria, PA 16611 

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