The Trinity Snowman 

Trinity of God Bible Lesson for Children | by Maureen Spell 

(For ages PreK-1st grade)

Maureen writes, "After searching out great ideas in this website's archives regarding snowman parties and using snowmen to explain the Trinity, I came up with a flannel board poem to tell the story."

Materials: flannel board, felt snowman in 3 pieces--the bottom, middle (with stick arms out the side), and head. As you tell the story-poem, place the snowman pieces (or draw them), on the board.

The Trinity Snowman Flannel Board Story 

When you see a snowman
Three snowballs round,
He is reminding you
That in God Three in One are found.

The bottom reminds us of God the Father, 
Our strong rock and foundation 
The Creator of all living things,
People, tribes and nations.

The middle shows us God the Son 
With His arms spread open wide.
Who died on the cross for each of us
Our sins Jesus' blood did hide.

The head reminds us of God the Holy Spirit
Who is our counselor and friend,
He speaks to our hearts and minds
Transforming us in the likeness of Him.

So when you see a snowman
In the midst of all the wintertime fun,
Listen carefully and he'll tell you,
"Remember, God is Three in One."

Copyright 2002 Maureen Spell

* Added activities during class: Allow the children to build their own snowman using construction paper and various other decorations such as sequins and fabric. Copy and attach the poem to their pictures. Or try a game of "Pin The Nose On The Snowman" or make marshmallow snowmen for snacks.

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