Standing Strong 

Children's Hands On Bible Lesson | by Scott Denham

"Stand strong, donít budge, work hard, because what you do for God, counts" 1 Corinthians 15:58 (SWWT -- Scottís Wild & Wacky Translation).

Memorize with motions:

STAND STRONG (make a muscle)

DONíT BUDGE (hands on hips, head held high)

WORK HARD (use your fist as a hammer upon your palm like a construction worker)

BECAUSE WHAT YOU DO FOR GOD COUNTS (count on your fingers)

"Stand strong" (Cordless Drill)

(Hold up the drill) "What does this do" "What if I remove the battery?" (wonít work) "Why, it still looks like a drill?" (It wonít work unless itís plugged in. It is "strong" when plugged in, but powerless with out)

"What if the batteryís dead? How can we get it going again? (recharge it) "How can you get recharged, to have all the power you need to overcome sin, resist temptation and live pleasing to God?" (Filling of the Spirit, prayer, Bible, obey God & parents)

"donít budge" (Rope: Tug-of-war)

Select kids to participate; when finished ask: "Why did the one team win?" (they were stronger) "When other kids want you to do something that is wrong, what will determine whether they will Ďtug youĎ their way or whether youíll be able to stand strong?" (like the anchor man on the tug rope)

So, what should you do when sin is tugging on you? (determine in advance, that with Godís help you "wonít budge" from your principles) "Whatís principles?"

"work hard" (Ratchet & socket)

(Context: work hard for the Lord; be light) "Ever try to move a stuck bolt?" What happened? When itís stuck, what can you try to get it moving?" (get a good grip, put your foot on something and put your back into it... or just ask Dad!) "It takes that kind of effort to see other people come to Jesus. If youíre going to be a "light" in this dark world, youíre going to have to work hard and put a lot of effort into it. What are some of the things you can do?" (invite friends to church, bring them with you on a family activity, speak up and not be shy about your faith)

"because what you do for God, counts." (calculator)

(start punching in numbers, while talking) "Just like when you've worked hard and saved up your money for something special, someday youíll be able to buy it... there... $75,000, now I can go get that Dodge Viper Iíve been saving for... and if youíll Ďstand strong, donít budge and work hard,í youíll see that it will make a difference in the lives of others and in your life."

Repeat memorization.

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