Taste and See That the Lord is Good 

Children's Sermon

Terry writes, "I've used this on Sunday School Award Day (prize day), or anytime that brings excitement would be suitable, e.g. Christmas, holidays, Easter. There's usually something exciting happening in children's lives."

Scripture: Psalm 34:1-10

Good morning children. Are you all excited about today, wondering what kind of book you'll be getting? It's always fun getting new things isn't it; trying them out to see if you like them? Now, I'm sure you were all listening very closely to the Bible reading, weren't you? No? Oh well, maybe I'd better remind you what it was about. And maybe some of the adults would like to be reminded too. 

The reading that we heard today was written by someone who was very happy to know that God was looking after him. In fact, he was so happy that he wanted everyone else to know about it. Have you ever had really good news, or something happened to you that made you very happy? What kind of things make you happy? (Possible answers, Holidays, Birthdays, Presents, New babies are always good news.) Well, like I said, the person who wrote this Psalm was very happy, and wanted others to have a chance to be as happy as he was. His Psalm tells us how good God is, and how good He had been to him, and how good He had been to others. In fact, I even get quite excited when I read this Psalm and think about how good God is! I can quite understand why the person who wrote it would want everyone else to know about it too.

I'm very fond of chocolate and savory snacks, you know crisps and things. So you can imagine my excitement this week when I was shopping and discovered not just a new chocolate bar, but a new kind of savory snack too. (Show empty wrappers) I thought they were both quite good. (Note: There's usually something new in the shops; it's just a matter of looking.) I wonder if any of you have tried them? Because really that's the only way you're going to know if you like it or not, isn't it? I mean you can believe me when I tell you I liked it, but I bet you'd really like to find out for yourself. (Let them know they'll get a taste after the talk, don't make the same mistake I did, I passed the sweets and savories out to them in the service and lost their attention. Some lessons are learned the hard way!) 

You know, we all have different tastes and maybe some of you will like the chocolate and not the crisps, or like the crisps and not the chocolate, or maybe you liked them both. But you know the person who wrote the Psalm didn't say, "Try the Lord and see if you like him." No, he said, "Try the Lord and see how good he is." Until we find out how he would like us to live, and how good it is to live in his ways, we can never know how good God is until we try him for ourselves. He did make us after all, so he knows what's best for us. Even more so than our parents, or the people who look after us, and you know that's a wonderful thing, because even mummies and daddies, and those who look after us can't always do the best thing for us. So they take us to experts like doctors and dentists. (Use illustrations from family life, taking children to the dentist, or hospital. When my daughter wants her hair cut, she doesn't come to me, she goes to her favorite hairdresser!)

I wonder if any of you would like a taste? Offer children crisps and chocolate, ask them which they prefer, and emphasize that GOD IS GOOD and they will not be disappointed if they trust Him. 

Copyright 2001 Terry Taylor 

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