That Was Easy!  

Children's Sermon Theme: Grace and Peace

Object: Easy button from Staples Office Supply

Scripture: Matthew 11:30

I am sure you have seen the Staples commercials on TV. "That was Easy!" It is their way of getting people to buy office supplies from them. Today, I brought one of their easy buttons just for fun. If I need paper for my copier, or ink for my printer, all I have to do is push this easy button and it will appear, right? (Push button)

Ok, we can't trust the TV commercials, but I want to tell you about God's easy plan found in the book of Matthew. 

(Read Matthew 11: 25-30). 

Now, that's easy. I don't have to follow a list of rules to know God. All I have to do is come to him like a little child. You probably guessed I love kids, didn't you? Otherwise, God wouldn't have put me here to do your children's sermons, right? One of the things I love about kids is how grateful they are. You can give an adult a car and not always get a thank you, but you give a kid a stick of candy and usually a hug is in your future. I think that is part of coming to God like a child. The verses we read say that no one comes to know God except those who Jesus chooses to show Him to. Wow am I grateful God chose to show himself to us through Jesus. There is nothing I did to deserve or earn God's love. 

Now THAT was easy!

Copyright 2010 Tanya Roberts

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