Word Rocks Worksheet 

The kids really did seem to "get it" - in watching their "word rocks." A couple of the 8 year olds spoke about knowing someone they wanted to make a "path" to find Jesus - by using their words. There was good discussion and interaction. I made flannel graph "rocks" - using paper towel backing and we built the items on the color page before they colored them. Also, since this is a young group, I precut hearts from a mailing address label and stuck it to a small rock. They were able to dab red acrylic paint with a small sponge to make a good looking heart. They dabbed - then we had the lesson - then they took the label off. They were SO proud of the heart that they made! Then, while they colored the paper as we reviewed the story - I outlined each heart and put a cross in the center. I used an Sharpie Black marker. I quizzed them about what they could do with their rock and was surprised at how quickly they responded with - "Show it to someone and tell them about Jesus in the heart!" 

Whew! - when it all works - it is such a blessing! 

Joyfully Serving HIM, 
Emmalea Butler

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