The Perfect Tree

A Christmas Play With Music |By Cheryl A. Mariano (aka Cheremiah) 

The Perfect Tree play was written to show God's mercy, power, grace, and amazing love.

Summary: It is almost Christmas. The Martin family is not aware of it but once again the underworld has been given an assignment against them. That assignment is to do everything in their power to prevent the Martins from learning what the biblical meaning of Christmas is. 

Duration: approximately 30-40 minutes long.

Mr. George Martin (Father)
Mrs. Mabel Martin (Mother)
Billy Martin (Son)
Sarah Martin (Daughter)
Fallen Angel #1
Fallen Angel #2
Dr. Thomas
Heavenly Angel

Scene 1 Props -A ghoulish setting for Fallen Angels #1 and #2 (e.g. dim lights, cobwebs, spiders, skeletons); 2 Halloween outfits with masks for Fallen Angels #1 and #2; 1 large plastic eyeball; 1 fireball candy.

Scene 2 Props- A small festive holiday decorated kitchen table and at least four chairs. 

Scene 3 Props-A Christmas tree lot where family will go in search of "The Perfect Tree."

Scene 4 Props- A roll away bed for hospital scene; Dr. outfit (e.g. white smock, stethoscope, & writing board).

Scene 5 Props - Same Fallen Angel Prop setting from Scene 1

Scene 6 Props- Living room setting (e.g. a stuffed chair and end table with Christmas decorations on it would be fine); also needed for Scene 6, the same kitchen table and chairs setting from Scene 2.

Scene 7 Props- A nativity set; large cross; Heavenly Angel outfit. 

Scene 8 Props -An artificial miniature Christmas tree.

(The play begins with Narrator speaking)

Narrator: It is Christmas Eve and once again the Martin family is caught up in all the holiday hoopla. Pretty bows, shiny bulbs, and shimmering lights. Frosty the snowman, Rudolph the red nose reindeer, and oh yes, let us not forget the Martin family's most important of all part of Christmas . . . "The Perfect Tree!" But wait, there seems to be a conversation taking place among two Fallen Angels.

(Scene 1 - The 2 Fallen Angels are speaking) 

Fallen Angel #1: Got your assignment?

Fallen Angel #2: Yes Sir! I have done this so many times that I can do it with my eyes closed! 

Fallen Angel #1: (Speaking Angrily) Well you better keep your eyes open! You can't afford to make any slip ups! In fact, you can't even begin to imagine the danger the Martin family would pose if they got a hold of the true meaning of Christmas! Now give me the run down!

Fallen Angel # 2 (speaking sarcastically) Like every other year, Sir! My job is to make sure the materialistic Martin family is soooo busy with all the hoopla that once again they miss out on the true meaning of Christmas!

Fallen Angel #1: Who is the family's weakest link?

Fallen Angel #2: Well, Sir, if you ask me they are all pretty weak, but there is the possibility that Sarah Martin could be a problem
this year. I better keep an extra eye on her! (Takes the plastic eyeball from his pocket, and tosses it into the air, catches it) 
Ever since Sarah was invited by one of her friends to attend that church service last Christmas, she occasionally sings or even talks to J E S _ _!

Fallen Angel # 1: (cuts him off and shrieks in a loud voice) DON'T SAY IT! You know every time that Name is mentioned, we have to bow our knees and confess HE IS LORD!

Fallen Angel #2: OOPS Sorry! Well, I better get HOT on my assignment, chow!

Scene 2

Narrator: It is the morning of Christmas Eve and the Martins are in the kitchen eating breakfast.

Billy: (with excitement) So Dad, how big a tree are we gonna get this year?

Sarah: (chimes in) My friend Tara, told Stacy, and Stacy told me, that her Dad brought home a six-foot Douglas Fir tree!

Mabel: (swoons her voice, filled with excitement) Oh! I bet it's a beauty and they smell so divine!

Billy: (asking again) So what's it gonna be Dad?

George: It's not going to be anything if we donít hurry up and eat! Now come on, let's move it so we can get to the tree lot!

Scene 3 - The Tree Lot

George: (speaking loudly) Okay, you all know what we are looking for . . . the Martin familyís Perfect Tree! Guess we better split up. Well, what are you waiting for? Let's get busy!

Billy: (talking loudly in the tree lot, points to a tree) Dad, is this one good enough?

George: (sarcastically) Yeah, if your name happens to be Charlie Brown. Keep looking!

Mabel: George, honey, take a look over here! How about this one?

George: (looks and shakes his head in disgust) Do I need to hold a Martin Family Tree Choosing Class 101? Now come on family, get serious! (George Mutters under his breath as they all continue to look) ROOKIES!

(As the family all continues looking George stops suddenly in his tracks. He gasps and points at a tree)
George: (excitedly) That's it! Look, everybody, The Perfect Tree! Come on hurry; let's grab it before someone else gets it! 
(Smiling and laughing and beginning to run to the tree) Now, thatís what Iím talking about!

Narrator: Well, our dear friend George got so excited about finding his "Perfect Tree," that as he was running towards it he slipped on the ice beneath the snow and well . . . to make a long story short, this year George Martin will be spending Christmas Day at the Valley Memorial Hospital in room 202.

Scene 4 -The Hospital Room
(Dr. Thomas, Georgeís doctor, walks briskly into his room)

Doctor Thomas: (speaking cheerfully) Well, hello there George. How's the head feel? That was quite a fall you took. Luckily you didn't break any bones. You did however manage to give yourself a pretty nasty concussion when your head hit the ice. We'll have to keep you here for observation until after Christmas. Your vital signs and memory concentration will have to be monitored and recorded over the next few days. Don't worry though, Iíll stop back to see you after Christmas. The nurses and staff will take real good care of you. Doctor Edwards, my colleague, will be filling in for me should any unexpected problems arise. Since we don't know how long you will be hospitalized, your wife and children went home to pick up a few things they thought you might need and want for your stay here. They will be coming over to see you later this evening. Well, relax and rest up there George . . . and try to have a happy holiday!

(Doctor exits)

George: (muttering angrily to himself) Have a happy holiday? A happy holiday! Yeah right, here I am stuck in the hospital for Christmas, my family is worried sick, and to make matters worse, they are TREE-LESS! (sarcastically) Yeah, Iíll have a happy holiday alright! 

(Agitated and angry, George yells out in pain while buzzing the nurseís station)
George: Nurse! . . . nurse! . . . hurry! I need more pain medication!

Scene 5 

Fallen Angel #1: (says mischievously) Hey, you owe me one.

Fallen Angel #2: (cautiously questioning) Owe you one? For what?

Fallen Angel #1: (says smugly) Who do you think tripped old George?

Fallen Angel #2: (surprised) You mean that was you? Ha, that was HOT man!

(They both high-five)

Fallen Angel #2: Now that Georgie boy is in the hospital, looks like I have some extra time on my hands. Think Iíll go watch Dracula. Want to join me?

Fallen Angel #1: (shrugs shoulders) Hmm why not? Letís go!

(As the Fallen Angels walk toward the exit, Fallen Angel #2 takes a red fire ball candy out of his pocket)

Fallen Angel #2: Hey, do you want a fire ball to eat while we watch it?

Scene 6 Ė The Living room 

Narrator: While those two go watch Dracula, I thought I should fill you in on what is happening at the Martin home. Things are not going too well there either. Mabel is confused and angry and talking to God.

Mabel: How? Just tell me God, how could you let something like this happen? Christmas only comes once a year you know, and now you have managed to ruin it! Not only is George in the hospital, all alone with a concussion, and Lord only knows for how long, but just look! In case you havenít noticed, there's no tree! What good is Christmas day without a tree?

Mabel: (begins to cry and between sobs speaks) George found it, the most Perfect Tree we ever saw, and now it's just sitting at the tree lot, or even worse, it's probably in someone else's living room! Talk about adding insult to injury! (with disgust) Iím going to go sleep! Someone wake me up after Christmas!

Narrator: I told you things weren't going too well. Mabel doesnít know it, but her daughter, Sarah, was in the kitchen and overheard her mother's conversation with God.

(Sarah sits down sadly at the kitchen table and begins praying to Jesus)

Sarah: Oh Jesus, everyone seems so miserable. This is suppose to be a joyful time. Last year at Christmas, when I went to church, I learned that Christmas is celebrated because it's your birthday. Seems people either forget, or in my family's case, they just don't know the true meaning of Christmas. I am really thankful you came to earth as a baby and that you loved me so much that you were willing to take my sin upon yourself when you died on the cross. You gave your life for me. You did all that so I could have my sins eternally forgiven. I learned also that not only did you die for my sins, but three days later you rose from the dead! How can I ever thank you? I didn't ask you last year at church, but I would like to ask you now, Jesus, would you please come into my life? Thank you for dying for me to pay the penalty for my sins, and rising from the dead to give me eternal life. And Jesus, please help my family to hear and understand the real message of Christmas. Amen. 

Narrator: The Fallen Angels didn't hear Sarah's prayer. They were too busy watching Dracula. And George Martin doesnít know it yet, but he's about to have a divine encounter.

Scene 7

Heavenly Angel: (gently shaking George who is fast asleep in his hospital bed) George, George, it's time to wake up.

(George wakes up and when he sees the angel he stares in wide-eyed disbelief)

George: Wow! That is some pain pill they gave me. In my dream I see an angel!

Heavenly Angel: It's no dream, George. I've been sent to take you on a divine appointment.

(George rubs his eyes still in disbelief as he and the Heavenly Angel begin a slow walk through a nativity scene. While they are walking, the song "Happy Birthday Jesus" by The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, is played. It may be listened to by going to

(After hearing the song, George for the first time hears, sees, and understands the true meaning of Christmas. George and the Heavenly Angel continue walking, this time their destination takes them to a large cross. As they stop to gaze at the cross, the song "The Perfect Tree" by Ray Boltz, is played. The song can be listened to by going to: When the song finishes, the angel touches George's eyes)

Heavenly Angel: Tell me George, what do you see?

George: (stammering) I see . . . Yes! . . . Now I see it! . . . The cross really is . . . why itís . . . itís . . . "The Perfect Tree!"

George: (falls to his knees. He begins to weep and then prays) Dear Lord, I understand now why you came. It is because of me. Because of my sins! Please forgive me, Lord. I give you my heart and I give you my life. Please save me! Come into my life as Savior and Lord. I pray this and say thank you in Jesus name, Amen!

(The angel escorts George back to his hospital room. While walking to his room, George feels like a new man! He keeps exclaiming how wonderful and clean inside he feels. Like a burden of sin was just lifted off his back! With George back into his bed the Heavenly Angel exits.)

Narrator: George looks so happy and peaceful. He doesnít realize how radiant his face looks. Seems like the Fallen Angels fell down on the job!

Scene 8

(The Family visits George in hospital)

George: (excited) Oh, hi there! Am I glad to see you?!

Sarah: Dad! Your face! . . . Why, itís glowing! . . . It looks like youíve been with JESUS! (letting out a surprised gasp) Oh, thank you, Jesus! Thank you!

Mabel: (sadly complains) Oh George, I'm so glad to see you, but honey, I feel just awful! Here it is Christmas Eve and we have no tree, no trimmings . . . no anything!

Billy: Yeah Dad, what a bummer! We know how much you enjoy Christmas, and everything, especially the tree.
(holding up a small artificial Christmas tree) We bought you this little tree in hopes that it would cheer you up while you're here in the hospital. We all know how disappointed you must be. Finding the Perfect Tree at Christmas has always meant so much to you. I read an article once that said it's not good for people to hold in their true feelings; holding them in can actually make a person more sick! We don't want that to happen to you, Dad. Please, go ahead, get it off your chest. You can tell us how you really feel.

George: (looks straight at Billy, smiling) Perfect, Billy! I feel just perfect. And boy oh boy, did I ever find the perfect tree this year! Come closer, I canít wait to tell you all about it!

Narrator: Well, needless to say my friends, Christmas at the Martin home will never be the same!

(The last song in the play is called, "The Gift Goes On," by Sandi Patti. You can listen at: 
During this song all involved in the performance, and those behind the scenes, may want to come forward for a curtain call.)

The End.

Thank you and God Bless you all! 

Copyright 2022 Cheryl Mariano (Cheremiah)

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