Thumminís Christmas Letter 

A childrenís musical that conveys Godís great love for us.

Note from the author, "This play was performed a couple years ago at a relatively small church and had very good results. Less than a dozen cast members are required, but more can be included if need be. It is very low budget, with props that most churches have available."

The name Thummin comes from Exodus 28:30a (KJV), "And thou shalt put in the breastplate of judgement the Urim and the Thummin." I have written the songís lyrics so they can be sung to familiar Christmas tunes. The play is approximately 30-40 minutes long.

Cast includes
Thummin - can be either boy or girl,
Thumminís Mom & Dad,
Mrs. Sanders-the 5th grade teacher,
Group of children for school classroom setting (optional),
Emmanuel - Jesus,
Mrs. Josephs,
Three of Thumminís classmates (may be either boy or girl with names you choose -or select from the following: Judy/Judah, Ben/Benita, Danny/Danielle.)

There are 4 scene settings
Scene 1 -Living room
A small loveseat or chair -table to hold Nativity scene -and a window for Thummin to look out. The window could be drawn -or even an imaginary one.

Scene 2-School classroom
For Mrs. Sanders & students- (students could also sit on a carpet)

Scene 3 Bedroom 
A rollaway bed would work fine

Scene 4 Breakfast setting
Table w/at least 3 chairs

1. Nativity scene
2. Sled
3. Coat, hat, mittens for Thummin
4. Mailbox and key
5. 1 Wet Damaged Letter
6. Snowman - that does notí have a carrot nose
7. A chair for child to sit in
8. A video game device to hold & play while sitting in the chair

*Scene one- takes place in living room 
It was a few days until Christmas. Thummin was on her/his Christmas school break, and enjoying every minute of it! She/he walks over and looks out the window. It's still snowing. While staring out of the window Thumminís thoughts went back to the last day of school when they were dismissed for Christmas break. Her/his 5th grade school teacher Mrs. Sanders shared a special story with the class.

*Mrs. Sanders now speaks to the children in her classroom. As she is talking Thummin is still in her/his living room looking out the window reminiscing.

(Mrs. Sanders)
When I was a 5th grade student during our Christmas school break I received a special letter from a classmate that I lived nearby. That letter became one of my most memorable Christmas gifts! I was so deeply touched to think one of my classmates would care enough about me to take time out of their busy Christmas vacation to write me a letter. That letter was filled with kindness and encouragement. Although I am now a grown woman and have children of my own I still remember to this very day that letter! Class, you just never know how much the simple act of writing a kind and thoughtful letter can mean to someone. Why I bet if you live close enough to one of your classmates, and know their address and you took time during our Christmas break to write them a letter, not only would you bless them, but you Yourself would be blessed as well! Simply because you cared enough to think about them and send them a letter of kindness, appreciation, and encouragement.

*Mrs. Sanders finishes speaking. She and the class exit. 

Thummin is still in the living room by the window and now speaks.

Mom-the snow stopped falling. I want to see if anyone did like Mrs. Sanders suggested and sent me a Christmas letter. Can I take my sled and check if our mail came yet?

Ever since Mrs. Sanderís had shared her Christmas letter story, Thummin had made it a point to voluntarily check the mail each day. Though she/he hadnít yet personally taken the time to write to one of her/his classmates who lived nearby, that didnít prevent her/him from thinking and hoping someone might have already written to her/him.

Dress warmly and be extra careful Thummin, the snow looks very deep and may have slippery ice beneath it.

Thummin grabbed her/his coat, hat, mittens, sled, and the mail key. She/he quickly ran out the front door. As she/he left the house she/he sang this happy song.

* The Mailbox Song sung to the tune of Jingle Bells (emotion is happiness)

*Thummin may either sing solo-or all the children in the play can sing along. The Mailbox Song is sung through twice: 
Dashing through the snow
On my sled now here I go
To check the mail and see
If thereís a letter there for me

If there is Iíll be
As happy as can be
Yes siree just wait and see
How happy I will be

to the mail, to the mail
To the mail box here I go
In the snow, in the snow
Iíll go fast, I wonít be slow
There might be, there might be 
A letter there for me, if there is
Iíll be the happiest kid
Just you wait and see

The snow was knee deep the air cold and crisp and there Ďwasí slippery ice beneath, but Thummin didnít mind. It felt good to be outside, plus the familyís mailbox wasnít too far from their house. At the mail box Thumminís key dropped into the snow. She/he was glad she/he had mittens on because they helped her/him dig deep into the snow. She/he found the key and was able to open the mailbox. Her/his face lit up -when she/he saw one of the letters in the box was addressed to her/him! Quickly she/he put the mail on the sled and rushed home. She/he was so excited!! Thummin could hardly wait to find out who had written and what the letter had to say. As she/he rushed through the front door she/he shouted!

*Thumminís Emotion -excitement & joy!

Mom, I got a letter! It must be the Christmas letter Iíve been hoping to get!

Oh wow, Thummin-let me see, who is it from!

*As Thummin scoops the letters up from the sled she/he still has coat, hat, and wet mittens on.

*Thumminís Emotion now-is worry and confusion.

Hey wait a minute I donít see it! It was right here and now I donít see it! Oh no my letter must have fallen off the sled!

Thummin ran out the door again and headed back to the mailbox halfway there she/he spotted the letter. It had indeed fallen off the sled and into the snow! Thummin picked the letter up, it was soaked! The return address had gotten wet and the ink was now smeared making it difficult for Thummin to read who had sent the letter. She/he once again hurried home. On the way home she/he held the letter tightly. Had she/he not been so upset and in such a hurry to get back home she/he would have noticed the letter was getting damaged even more as she/he held it tightly with her/his mitten that was soaked. Back inside the house she/he took off her/his hat and mittens & hung up her/his coat, then very carefully opened the letter. All that could be seen of the message inside was- You are im Thummin. The melted snow had caused the ink to run together and the rest of the words were smeared and faded beyond recognition. Hot tears began to sting Thumminís eyes embarrassed for crying she/he quickly wiped the tears away. Sadly and gently she/he placed the Christmas letter on the living room table near the Nativity scene to dry. As she/he did this she/he sang another song.

*Emotion needed for the ďWhat Did It Say Song?Ē is sadness. This song is sung to tune of Silent Night and sung twice.

What did it say?
What did it say?
My letter got wet
The words faded away

It fell off my sled
When I was bringing it home
Itís now on the table
Drying off all alone

What could my letter have saidÖ 
Before it fell off of my sled

The next day with her/his motherís permission Thummin set out on a mission to hopefully solve the Christmas letter mystery. Only 3 of her/his school classmates lived nearby so she/he -set out to inquire if, or, which one of the 3-had sent her/him the letter. The first stop on her/his list -was her/his friend Judyís/ Judahís house. Judy/Judah was outside putting the final touches on a snowman she/he had made. 

Hey Thummin-itís good to see ya! How do you like my snowman? I had a carrot -I was gonna use for his nose but -itís hard work making these things ya know! I got hungry-so I ate it.

Thummin tells Judy/Judah about her/his mystery letter. How it got wet and the only part she/he could read was You are im Thummin

Sorry about your letter Thummin but the only thing I know for sure about it is, I didnít write it!

*(Smiling big Judy/Judah says:)
These thumbs havenít held a pen or pencil between them since we left school for Christmas break!

Thummin thanked her/his friend Judy/Judah and said:

Well, thanks have a Merry Christmas Judy/Judah

Thummin then heads over to Benís/Benitaís house. Ben\Benita answers the door and Thummin and her/him proceed to do ĒThe Cool Kid HandshakeĒ 

*The Cool Kid Handshake- is whatever idea of hand shaking the kids in the play want to come up with.

Hi Thummin- whatís up?

Once again- Thummin repeats the story of her/his Christmas mystery letter how the only words she/he could read were You are im Thummin

Man! Thatís a bummer about your Christmas letter Thummin but I didnít write it and If you want to know, what ďI ThinkĒ about your chances of finding out what your Christmas letter said, then...You are im PRACTICAL Thummin! No way with just those few little words can you figure out what that letter said!

Thummin thanked Ben/Benita they once again did ďThe Cool Kid HandshakeĒ and Thummin left. The last house on her/his list was Dannyís/Danielleís. Mrs. Josephs (Dannyís/ Danielleís mom could talk faster than ďSpeedy GonzalesĒ she greeted Thummin at the door. 

*Emotion for Mrs. Josephís is -hyper -bubbly -happy-Non-Stop -Fast Talking!

(Mrs. Josephs) 
Hi Thummin so good to see you howís the family? Having fun on your Christmas school break? Would you like a cookie?

*(Mrs. Josephs chuckles & continues talking)
Hope you made out your Christmas wish list Danny/ Danielle is in the family room playing a game on her/his game boy you can go right in Thummin. Say hello to your family for me okay? Good to see you and have a Merry Christmas!

*Emotion for Thummin after listening to Mrs. Josephs fast non stop talking is disbelief!

Wow, she didnít even give me a chance to answer one of the questions she fired at me!!

*Thummin enters Dannyís/Danielleís family room. Danny/Danielle is sitting in a chair & glances up then quickly goes right back to playing her/his game 

*Danny/Danielleís Emotion is Excitement, Preoccupation 

Hey, Thum good to see you! On our last day of school mom and dad let me open an early Christmas present. Check it out Thummin, itís the latest ĒIgloo Invasions Game.Ē Totally awesome! Iíve been playing this thing day and night since I got it! Right now -Iím on level fifteen. The goal of the game is to be the first one to melt all your enemyís igloos before they have the chance to invade and melt yours. Five more levels to go and I will have mastered this game! Pretty cool huh!?

Thummin watched for a few more minutes as Danny/Danielle played the video game. She/he didnít mention anything about her/his Christmas mystery letter. She/he figured the chances of Danny/Danielle sending her/him a Christmas letter was slim pickings! After all, Danny/Danielle did say she/he had been playing her/his game day and night since school got out, so when on earth would she/he have ever found the time to write anyone a letter?

(*Thummin now gets ready to leave for home.)

I hope you beat the game Danny/Danielle Iíll see you again soon have a Merry Christmas!

As Thummin walked home she/he was very disappointed! She/he had not made any headway at all in solving the Christmas letter mystery. Her/his spirits were lifted however when she/he opened the front door. Her/his mother had made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner and it smelled delicious! Mother had also baked Thumminís Dadís favorite dessert, apple pie.
After their delicious dinner it was Thumminís turn to do the dishes. When finished with her/his chore-Thummin watched her/his favorite Veggie Tales Christmas Classic- ďThe Toy That Stole Christmas.Ē You know, the one with Buzz Saw Louey in it!  When Thummin went to bed that night she/he had a strange dream. In her/his dream she/he saw a very kind and gentle man standing next to her/his bed. As she/he sat up in bed she/he couldnít help but notice the manís eyes.

*Thummin now speaks -unafraid and somewhat awe-struck.

You have the most beautiful, loving, eyes I have ever seen! What is your name please?

*The man gently takes Thumminís hands in His and says: Emmanuel, my name is Emmanuel.

When Emmanuel held Thumminís hands she/he noticed His hands were scarred. She/he was just about to ask Him how He got the scars, but didnít get the chance to because at that exact moment Emmanuel looked deeply into Thumminís eyes and very lovingly said

Thummin the message in your Christmas letter was from Me, and it said: You are im -PORTANT to God Thummin. Very, Very, IMPORTANT and I love you Very Much!

Then, in the twinkling of an eye Emmanuel disappeared and Thummin fell back into a deep and peaceful sleep. At the breakfast table the next morning Thummin excitedly told her/his parents about her/his strange dream and how the man with the beautiful eyes, named Emmanuel, explained to her/him what his Christmas mystery letter said

Mom and Dad, Emmanuelís letter said, You are important to God Thummin. Very, Very important and I love you Very Much!

*Mother speaks with amazement and happiness in her voice.

Oh, Thummin, you were talking to Jesus, and more importantly, He was talking to you!
In your dream when you asked Him His Name, and He said Emmanuel, thatís because Emmanuel means, God with us!

*Time now to sing the song ďGod Says I am Important,Ē sung to the tune of Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer - sung through twice

God says I am important
More important than I know
So important to Him am I
He came to earth to tell me so

He left His throne in Heaven
He was the baby on the mangerís hay
His Great Love is the reason why
We even have a Christmas Day

Too often when it is Christmas
The meaning gets lost in the fuss
Christmas is about Emmanuel
And Emmanuel means God with us

Thummin understood what her/his mother said, but was still a little puzzled so she/he said to her/his Dad....

Dad, in my dream I noticed that EmmanuelĎs hands had scars in them. He disappeared before I got to ask Him why?

*Dad now speaks loving & compassionately:
Thummin, when God sent His Only Begotten Son, Jesus to this earth, that was the beginning of the Greatest Love Story ever told! Jesus is God in the flesh. He came to this earth because He is the Savior of the world. In John 3:16 the bible says ďFor God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. Thummin, Godís Great Love Story doesnít end with Christmas, in fact Christmas is only the beginning. The love story continues, and we learn how Jesus lived, died on the cross for our sins, and rose again from the dead. He did All this so that we could receive His Great Love Gift. Forgiveness of our sins and Eternal Life with Him.

(*Dad smiles big and says:)
Christmas is a special day we Christians set aside to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ!

*(The Cast) now sings
ďThe Christmas Invitation SongĒ to the tune of Jesus Loves Me and sung through twice.

Christmas comes and Christmas goes
So do presents- so does snow
Toys get old -and put on shelves
But Godís greatest gift -was when He gave Himself

Yes Jesus loves me
Yes Jesus loves me
Yes Jesus loves me
The bible tells me so

Please take a moment -and let Him in
To your heart -to wash away your sin
Anyone can come to Him
He came to take away your sin

Yes Jesus loves you
Yes Jesus loves you
Yes Jesus loves you
The bible tells you so

We pray that you will let Him in
To your heart -and walk with Him
Heís waiting now -arms open wide
Heís asking can He -come inside

(Chorus )
Yes Jesus loves me
Yes Jesus loves you
Yes Jesus loves us
The bible tells us so

In our Christmas musical Emmanuel spoke to Thummin and said ďYou are important to God Thummin. Very, Very, important and I love you Very Much!ď But, that message is Not just for Thummin, itís for you too!

{The End}

* A message from Cheremiah, the author of Thumminís Christmas Letter. As the program now comes to an end it is my prayer that an invitation would be extended to anyone who would like to receive Godís Great Gift of Salvation, Jesus Christ, as their very own Savior.

Thank you for your willingness to share this Christmas musical. God bless you and Merry Christmas!

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