The News Of Jesus 

Short Modern Nativity Play | By Demarquis Johnson

(Youth Leader enters room and sees kids playing, dancing, and listening to music)

Youth leader: Listen Up! We are responsible for putting together a Nativity Play for the Church.

All Youth: Not Again! (All talking at once)

Actor 1: Why do we always have to do this! It's boring. The Adults know what happened. Play a YouTube video or something!

Actor2: They are just going to play on their phones and not pay attention anyways.

Youth leader: Well then, help me put together something different. The type of play that will get 100,000 likes.

Youth Actor: Yeah! Like a Kanye West Sunday Service!

(Scene Ends)

Narrator: Mary is visited by the Angel 

(Mary is walking around)

(Narrator repeats himself because Angel Gabriel hasn't come out)

Narrator: I said Mary is visited by the Angel.

Gabriel: Audience, this is an official one-minute phone check. Go.......

Gabriel: Phone check over, back to the play.

(Actors Gabriel Approaches Mary)

Mary: Ah!

Gabriel: Don't be afraid! I come with news that may sound scary, but it's good news. I promise.

Mary: (confused) Huh?

Gabriel: Mary you have God's favor. You will have a child. You will name him Jesus; he is the son of God.

Mary: (confused) How can this be? I have never been with a man!

Gabriel: Mary, the Holy Spirit will come upon you. The Child will be called Holy, the son of God.

(Gabriel walks away)

Mary: Do I have a choice?

Gabriel: Really? You want to ask God what your options are?

(Mary shakes her head)

(Mary has conversation with herself)

Mary: How am I going to explain this to Joseph. (Shakes her head) I'm carrying a baby, the son of God. Joseph is going to think I am crazy or coming up with an excuse to break up with him. Oh, and the neighbors are going to have fun with this.

Village People come out chant-singing:

Mary's having a little Lamb

Little -one

Mary's having a little Lamb



(Scene Ends)

(Scene Opens with Joseph thinking about divorcing Mary)

Joseph Monologue: I can't let the public stone this woman. No matter what is really going on here I still love her.

But God what should I do?
This is not my fault.
I know what, I'm gonna divorce her.
I'm going to tell her parents.
I'm going over there right now.
No, I need sleep. I will go first thing in the morning.

(Joseph passes out on the bed)

(Scene Ends)

Narrator: Good news audience. Two-minute phone break. And Go!

(New Scene)

(While he's sleeping the angel appears)

Angel: Joseph? 

(Joseph continues to sleep)

Angel: Joseph?

Angel: WAKE-UP!

Joseph: Aaaaaaaaah! Aaaaaaah! 

Angel: Calm down..... Calm down.

Joseph: Who are you?

Angel: I am an Angel sent from the Lord.

Joseph: Oh God! Oh God! The baby is not mine. I didn't touch her. 

Village People come out chant-singing:

The Lamb is not Joseph's


The Lamb is not Joseph's


(Village people run off stage)

Angel: I know. That's why I'm here.

Joseph: Oh.

Angel: The child is from God. Do not worry. He is to be named Jesus. Take Mary as your wife.

(Joseph is in awe)

(Angel puts hand on Joseph's shoulder)

(Joseph Nods)

Village people come out chant-singing:

Mary-and-Joseph are having a little Lamb
Mary-and-Joseph are having a little Lamb

Joseph-will-name-him Jesus
He-will-be-the-Son-of God

(Scene Ends)

Narrator: You can now use your phones!

Copyright 2019 Demarquis Johnson

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