Wash Your Feet! 

Pantomimed Bible Skit

Jesus washes the disciples feet

Objective: to understand the imperative from the Lord's Prayer, “Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.” God's children have a responsibility to represent God's kingdom here on earth. We do this by loving and serving others. Jesus taught this truth when he washed the disciples feet. 

Set Up: Choose two children to act out the part of Jesus and Peter. The rest of the children are the disciples. Children sit in a circle. Have a few children precede Peter, so that a few of the children will have their feet "washed" first. Teacher reads the script, while children listen and pantomime their parts. (Tell the children you will pause and emphasize the bolded prompts to indicate their action.) You might also provide a small pitcher (no water), a small basin, and a towel.

Act It Out

One evening, before Jesus died on the cross, he and his disciples were seated and eating a very special dinner. 

During the meal, Jesus stood up, took off his outer robe and wrapped a towel around his waist.

Jesus then poured water into a basin and began washing their feet. 
(Jesus “washes” a few of the children’s feet.)

When it was Peter’s turn, he stood up and shaking his head, no, he said ‘Lord, I’ll never let you wash my feet!’ (Peter repeats the line.)

Peter couldn’t believe that Jesus wanted to wash his feet, because this was something only the lowliest of servants would do!

But Jesus said to him, ‘It is right to call me LORD. If you don’t let me wash your feet, you can’t be my follower. (Jesus repeats the line.)

So Peter allowed Jesus to wash his feet.

Jesus said, ‘Now that I have washed your feet, you should wash other people's feet.’ (Jesus repeats the line.)

Let's Talk About It

Jesus washed his disciples’ feet to teach them and us that we are to follow his example by serving one another. Jesus, God in the flesh, came to earth to serve people. He did this to show us how we are to treat others. We are to follow his example. The Bible says we are to serve one another in love (Galatians 5:13). You see, children, God doesn't just save us so we can go to Heaven to be with him for eternity. He saves us to love others and to tell others about God's love for them; to bring God's kingdom to earth!

1) What are some ways we can serve others and bring God's kingdom to earth?

2) Why does God save us?

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