Marriage Relationship Monologues 

by Demarquis Lamar Johnson  

(Man seeking God's direction)

God, I know,
I know, I know.
Its my fault.
I am the idiot who's driving.
I should've at least been paying attention to where I am going.
And making sure she read the manual too.
So we both know where we're headed.
We were reading at one point.
Things were on cruise control.
No way we should have ever stopped.
No way.
It was stupid of me,
It is my fault.
Thinking her and I could drive on,
just keep going.
Further and further down the road without you,
Without stopping for directions.
Without the manual.
Just crazy.
Stupid, stupid, stupid me.
The good thing is;
If we turn around,
Read the manual, 
And follow your voice,
I know we can draw near,
And get back on track in our marriage.

(Young man preparing to encourage his wife about their struggling marriage.)

God put us together
I trust his work
He is the best carpenter I know.
When God builds something, 
It can't be broken,
Even the warranty
You know his word,
The warranty
It says
What God puts together,
No one can tear it apart.
At this point I admit we don't know how to use
This marriage he built,
But I do know how we can figure it out.
Let's take it to God.
He will show us how to make it work.

(Wife speaking to God about her desire to divorce her husband)

Lord why do you hate divorce? 
Do you really hate it? 
Are you saying that to trick me?
Occasionally, I see some pretty content divorced people.
They don't appear to be on your bad list, or hated by you.

Besides, God, don't you realize who I married? 
Yes, I know;
It is my fault.
I did say yes, or I do.
I agreed to marry the guy.
But come on God? Come'on.
I obviously wasn't thinking.
Not at all . . . 
I wasn't thinking.
Can I get a redo?

Oh stupid me, stupid me.
I know, I know, I know God;
I have the mind of Christ.
I am not stupid.
Scripture says I have your mind.

But on June 28, 2004,
I didn't have the mind of Christ. 
Lord, no way I had the mind of Christ that day.
Not on that day. No way.
I must have been out of my mind that day.
The whole day seemed like a fairy tale to begin with.

Lord, I know at this point your probably sick of my rant.
Like, wont she just shut up.
I know the feeling, 
Trust me I do.
I don't like when my children whine either.
So I will shut up now,
Not another word.
But before I do, (she does the in quotation marks gesture)
"Since you hate divorce,"
And in your word you said there is nothing too hard for you to fix;
Would you mind stopping by my house for a while.
I need you to be a parent to me and my husband. 
Teach us how to get along,
Do some cleaning up,
And fix some broken things,
like my heart.

I know you're busy,
And other couples need you,
But we need you to babysit right now.
Our door is open,
Lord come in,
We will be ready to receive you.

(Meeting my wife)

There I was;
Seeking the kingdom. 
Seeking the kingdom, 
Doing nothing else but that.
Nothing but seeking the kingdom. 
Entering his gates with thanksgiving. 
Giving my all,
All my praise.
And suddenly,
And I do mean suddenly,
God himself interrupted me.
He nudged me,
I felt God nudge me.
Really God?
Right now while I am praising you?
Then he sorta' turned my attention to my right.
And there she was,
Right there.
My other half,
My helpmate.
The one that I had been waiting so long to meet,
But had mistaken other women for.
Go figure,
Go figure.
My wife,
My wife.
God's daughter was in his house all along,
All I had to do was pay him a visit.
I should've listened a long time ago.
Seek the kingdom. 
Seek the kingdom.

(Wife Monologue; Conversation with God)

God I get it,
Really I do,
I get it.
I get it.
I understand.
He didn't change all of the sudden.
My husband has not changed.
He has not changed over time.
He really hasn't changed at all.
It is not him,
It is me.
It is me.
What is happening is;
I am getting to know my husband.
I am learning who my husband is.
I am learning who he is.
He was this person all along.
All along he was this person.
I didn't know,
I didn't know.
I had no idea.
No way I could have known.
No way.
So now that I know what I know.
Help me to handle it.
No, help me to love him.
Help me to love him for who he is.

Copyright 2013 Demarquis L. Johnson

Demarquis is an artist from Meridian, Mississippi, residing in Altamonte Springs, Florida. He is self-taught, but prefers to be known as "God-taught." Demarquis has been exhibiting his artwork in prestigious galleries around the U.S. for many years. This summer he has been invited to exhibit at the Kentucky Folk Art Center Art Fair; and this fall Demarquis's work will be featured in an article for the Folk Art Messenger Magazine. Thus far he has drawings and paintings in the permanent collection of N.C. Wesleyan college, but looks forward to more opportunities in the near future. His latest projects include writing plays and ministry resources for, and creating a series of art dolls to exhibit with his wife. 

If you would like to speak with Demarquis about creating a play or monologue for your drama team, please contact him directly at

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