The Three Kings Christmas Play
By Lynn Rhodes




           Make a Christ-Tree using Chrismon Ornaments!



Scriptural Reference: Matthew 2:1-16

Speaking Parts 
King 1 
King 2 
Herod the King 

Non- Speaking Parts


Opening Scene

Narrator: Three Kings looking at star charts. Arguing about an upcoming event.
King 1: Look at this chart. (holds up star chart)
King 2: Iíve been looking at them for years.
King 3: Yes, but weíve been looking at the stars and something is different.
King 1: Yes, I think there is a new star forming and itís different than the rest.
King 2: Well, Iíve been studying these scrolls and there seems to be something special that is going to happen soon.
King 3: Where? What?
King 2: I think these scrolls say there is going to be a new King born.
King 1: And itís going to happen the same time as this new star becomes its brightest.
King 3: We should go and visit him? If he can have a new star, he must be very special.
King 1: We should take gifts for him. Any ideas?
King 2: Pampers? Onesies?
King 3: Onesies havenít been invented yet. The gifts should be something he will need.
King1: Yes, if we are traveling to where he is, we need to take something worthwhile. Itís a poor country where weíre going.
King 2: I have gold.
King 3: Yes, I have some expensive Myrrh.
King 1: And I have Frankincense.
King 2: A baby canít use these things. But his parents could use them to buy what they need.
King 3: Itís settled then. We better pack up the camels and get started. We have a long, loooonnnng way to go. Itís going to take months to get there.


Second Scene

Narrator: Three Kings and their camels walking to Bethlehem
King 1: It seems weíve been walking forever.
King 2: We have, my blisters have blisters.
King 3: You wait and see. Itíll be worth every step we take. I canít wait. Itís like Christmas is coming.
King 2: Are you sure weíre going the right way?
King 3: Maybe we should ask for directions.
King 1: Relax, see, I programmed it into my GPS. (Holds up GPS) 


Third Scene

Narrator: Three Kings meet with King Herod. King Herod is sitting on his throne.
Soldier: Sire, there are three Wise Men from the East to see you.
King Herod: Really, I wonder why. Well donít just stand there Ė send them in. 
(Soldier leaves to get kings. Herod shakes head.) You just canít get good help these days.
King Herod: (to kings) What can I do for you three?
King 1: We are looking for the new baby king.
King Herod: What? Iím not having a child.
King 2: No King Herod, this is a new king. Not from your house.
King Herod: Hmmmm, I donít know of any new king. Sorry. But if you find him, you must come back and let me know so I can go see him too.
King 3: We thank you for your time. We will be sure to come back and tell you.
(Three Wise Men leave.)
King Herod: Yes, Iíll go see him. No baby king is going to take my throne. (Rubs his hands together)


Fourth Scene

Narrator: Three Kings follow the star to the manger.
(They bow down and pray to the Baby Jesus.)
King 1: Congratulations Joseph and Mary
King 2: We have followed the Christ Childís star for many months.
King 3: Please use these gifts to help keep him safe.
(Angel appears)
Angel: Kings, do not go back to King Herod. He wants to hurt Baby Jesus.
King 1: I knew I didnít like him.
King 2: We can take a different road back.
King 3: Yes, I always wanted to visit the Dead Sea
King 1: Why in the world? Oh never mind. Letís go

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Fifth Scene

Angel: Mary and Joseph, please take the gifts the Three Wise Men gave you and take Baby Jesus to Egypt. King Herod wants to hurt him; youíll be safe there.


Final Scene

King 3: I told you Christmas was coming. We just saw the first one!
King 2: Yes, it was wonderful. That Baby is going to do some great things.
King 1: Iím so glad we came.
All the Kings to the congregation: MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Copyright 2014 Lynn Rhodes
St. Stephen's Lutheran Church
Feasterville, PA

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