How Do You Get To Heaven? 

Puppet Skit | by Maurice Sweetsur

You will need four people puppets, one animal puppet (I use a sheep), a piece of plain paper and a marker. 


HOST. Hello, and welcome to my show. Let me introduce you to my guests. Firstly we have Miss Know it all.


HOST. Next, we have Mr. Remember well.

MR. REMEMBER WELL. How are you all ?

HOST. Then we have Mr. Don't know a lot.

MR. DON'T KNOW A LOT. Hello everybody.

HOST. And finally we have Shaun the sheep.

SHAUN. Baa. Baa.

HOST. Today's question is "How do you get to heaven?" Actually, that's rather an easy one. Everyone knows that if you are good, you go to heaven, but if you are bad, you don't. So, if you do more good things than bad ones you will go to heaven.

MISS KNOW IT ALL. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. That's not right. If we could all get to heaven by being good, there was no need for Jesus to come and die for us.

HOST. Oh! You have a point there. So how can we get to heaven then Miss Know it all?

MISS KNOW IT ALL. By believing. If you believe in God, you will go to heaven.

MR. REMEMBER WELL. What nonsense! You are both wrong. Even the devil believes in God, but he's not going to get to heaven.

HOST. Give us your answer then Mr. Remember well.

MR. REMEMBER WELL. This is a question I have studied for fifty years, but I have finally found the answer. To get to heaven you need to be - - - - - - DEAD!

HOST. Amazing. And it only took you fifty years to find that out!

MR. REMEMBER WELL. Wait, there's more. As well as being dead, the Bible teaches that we need to be a Christian.

HOST. Now we are getting close. But how can a person become a Christian, Mr. Remember well?

MR. REMEMBER WELL. I have no idea. It may take me another fifty years to find that out.

HOST. I am afraid that we haven't got that long. Mr. Don't Know A Lot, can you help us out?

MR. DON'T KNOW A LOT. I certainly can. You become a Christian by going to church. It's as simple as that.

HOST. But that can't be right. If I went to live in my garage, that wouldn't turn me into a motor car would it? So going to church wouldn't turn me into a Christian. No, there must be another answer. Shaun, we are getting really desperate here. You are our last hope. Do you know how we can get to heaven?

SHAUN. I can do better than that. I can give you the key that will unlock the gates of heaven.

HOST. You have a key to the gates of heaven?

SHAUN. Yes. It's a combination lock, so can someone write down the numbers for us?

SELF. I can do that, Shaun.

SHAUN. The numbers are 511531.

SELF. (Write down the numbers big enough for everyone to see, but as you do, bend the tops of the first and third "1" slightly to the right. Bend the top of the second "1" slightly to the left).

HOST. You mean that's the key that will get us into heaven?

SHAUN. It sure is. Just turn the paper upside down, and have a look.

SELF. (Turning the paper upside down, to reveal the word JESUS). Shaun has given us the right answer. Jesus is the key to heaven. He said " I am the way. Nobody comes to the Father, except by me."

Copyright 2003 Maurice Sweetsur

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